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    Recorded Aug 24th, 2015
    - Airing Sept 1st, 2015
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    Hemp-Technologies and Hemp Ace are Hosting Hempcrete Workshops!

    Sign Up the Oct 1st and Oct 2nd Workshops Here!

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    Guest 1: Joy Beckerman, President, Hemp Ace International LLC
    Washington Hemp Industries Association (WAHIA) – Founder/President
    Anndrea and Joy
    Hosting Hempcrete Workshops!
    Current workshops are in Asheville, NC Workshop #1 is on Fri. Oct 2nd 9am-4pm and Workshop #2 is in Sat. Oct, 3rd 9am-4pm.
    We will feature Hemp designer & builder Tim Callahan serves as Technical Design Analyst and partner at Alembic Studio. With over 30 years of construction experience, Tim continues to push the envelope in the marriage of ultra-efficient systems with healthy, natural building methods.All workshop attendees are invited to an optional, Dutch meet and greet mixer on the evening of Oct. 2nd.Cost $200/workshop: includes- lunch, making your own hempcrete block, access to seasoned professional hempcrete builders/designers and the evening mixer!We are looking forward to building with you!Workshop are lead by Joy Beckerman, Anndrea Hermann and Greg Flavall!

    Guest 2: Ben Droz, Congressional Lobbyist, Vote Hemp


    Designer of Yolo Bolo- Hemp Bolo ties!
    Inline image 1
    Sue Kastensen, Founder Sun Dog Hemp Body Care, Ben Droz Credit & Anndrea Hermann
    at the 2014 HIA Conference in Washington DC
    CHECK out our Yolo Bolo’s!

    Image result for Vote hemp



    Guest 3: Edgar Winters, Owner, Founder- Natural Good Medicines



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    Hempcrete Sample Block HTG
    iHempRadio on the Time 4 Hemp network
    Hosted by Anndrea Hermann
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    July 8, 2014 Guest
      6-7pmPST LIVE show

    Guest 1: Michael McCarthy, Founder, Budi Bar

    Guest 2: Anthony Medina, Owner/Curator,  The HART Gallery 
    Guest 3: Isaac Nichelson, Founder, LiViTY Outernational, Legalized GoodsS3Source ,  and Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer of Global Hemp Group
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    HHW 2014

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    Guest 1: Michael McCarthy, Founder, Budi Bar 

    @BudiBar and Like on FB

    I created the Budi Bar in 2010 to meet my own need for a food bar that increased focus and attentio

    n and created steady crash free energy.  While studying Psychology and Mind/Body at Harvard, I learned how foods can have the same positive impact as medicine without drastic side effects or costly health expenses.

    We brought together for the first time natural, superfood ingredients that have high antioxidant levels, mind balancing Omega-3 fatty acids, mind focusing amino acids, and natural ingredients that time release energy without causing sugar spikes.

    Budi Bar awardsMy primary goal is giving you the health of superfoods while tasting like a gourmet treat.  After one year of tinkering with the recipe in my apartment kitchen, I created the Budi Bar and many focused fans along the way!

    2010, 2011, 2012 Winner Best Healthy Option New England Dessert Showcase
    2012 Winner Best Sugar Free Option New England DessertShowcase

    “Budi” is Indonesian for Wise and our mission is gourmet food that enhances brain function and much more.  Our bars are designed to taste just like your favorite foods that you love and are made from natural, whole food ingredients.  We are passionate about nourishing your brain while delighting your taste buds. Find our more here.


    Budi Bars

    Budi Bars Source


    Team Budi!!

    Team Budi!!


    Guest 2: Anthony Medina, Owner/Curator,  The HART Gallery@HEMP_ERA and Like on FB

    Anthony Media and HART Artist

    Anthony Media with EA Kennedy

    Today's featured artist is Chuck Bloom

    HART featured artist is Chuck Bloom copyright works featured at The HART

    Mission Statement: HEMP-ERA strives to provide high quality hemp products and help create environmental sustainability for future generations through the use of the world’s most useful crop, HEMP.

    What’s in a name? The name HEMPERA is an acronym for Help End Mass Pollution – Environmental Revolution Association. Our passion for hemp stems from our love of nature, and we advocate for the use of industrial hemp as a means of creating environmental sustainability as well as a stronger world economy.

    Empowering communities with hemp! In 2015, we will establish a non-profit 501 C3 where 10% of HEMPERA.com’s profits will go to our non-profit organization, HEMPERA.org. The funds will be used to donate clothing to honor roll students of financial aid families as well as providing healthy, nutritious school lunches for elementary school kids.

    HARTThe remaining 90% of the profits are rolled back into HEMPERA for developing new products, and promoting hemp to the masses.

    Get involved. We encourage any and all with concerns about the environment, your local community, your local economy, or an interest in politics to join our social movement, “The REVOLUTION”. We throw events to network with others interested in hemp, join other organizations to help with environmental issues and attend community events to spread the word about hemp. The REVOLUTION begins here!

    The HART Gallery features artwork on hemp canvas, or hemp paper and we promote Art as Activism.

    Hemp Art Canvas

    Hemp Art Canvas


    Guest 3: Isaac Nichelson, Founder, LiViTY Outernational, Legalized GoodsS3Source, and ChiefS3S filed with I N photo 5

    Sustainability and Marketing Officer of Global Hemp Group

    Like Legalized LiViTY , S3Source

    team_inichelsonIsaac Nichelson is an eco-fashion entreprenure who has been called the “Johhny Appleseed of Eco Fashion”. His creative studio S3 develops brands and clothing and accessory products from primarily hemp-based and/or organic/recycled textiles. Brands such as iNi Cooperative, House of Marley, LiViTY and the new Cannabis advocacy website legalizedgoods.com have all been created by S3.

    Isaac Nichelson is known as an ahead-of-the-curve designer, entrepreneur, activist, and thought leader.  Isaac’s innovations within the fashion and natural products markets over the last 20 years have effected global trends in sportswear and fashion. With the creation of the LiViTY Outernational brand in 2001, Isaac pioneered what many referred to as, “the first stylistically relevant eco-friendly fashion products”.

    livityKnown for creating some of the first organic and recycled products for several of the worlds largest brands, Isaac’s work has visibly impacted the emerging trend toward sustainability in the apparel industry. In 2007, Isaac was dubbed “the Johnny Appleseed of Eco” by California Apparel News, in recognition of being one of the pioneers of environmentally friendly fashion products made from hemp, recycled, and other organic materials.

    Isaac‘s skill for developing new forms of environmentally focused branding and messaging has led him to consult consumer products giants such as Homedics Inc. with brand development, messaging, and culture building campaigns. In recent years Isaac’s has work has touched a broad array of product categories ranging from personal electronics to luggage and accessories to body care, beverages, and food.

    in dea arrest

    As an activist Isaac’s goal is to promote the stewardship of our environment and social responsibility in virtually every project he takes on. Isaac says, “I use my creative skills to effect positive change, I call this ‘Art as Activism’…”  In 2009, Isaac and a small group of farmers and industry upstarts known as the “Arlington Six“, made international news when they were arrested while planting Hemp as a protest on the front lawn of the national headquarters of the DEA.s3s


    S3Source offers comprehensive solutions for both private label and promotional goods.We develop cutting edge eco-products, create next-level brands, and design progressive products, packaging, and information— hands-on, and in collaboration with our partners in the USA, and around the world.

    Global Hemp GroupGlobal Hemp Group, Inc. companies are integral suppliers of high quality sustainable raw materials derived from the hemp plant. With products that will be recognized as leading global brands, it will operate in the automotive, building materials, biocomposites, energy-related markets, food, nutritional supplements & nutriceuticals, and pharmaceuticals markets, guided by the overarching theme of “global environmental protection.” Applying the key concepts of sustainability and social responsibility, Global Hemp Group, Inc. offers products and services through its subsidiaries that are energy-producing and consumption-reducing, stronger and lighter in weight, healthier and non-toxic

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    Oh Cannabis!!
    iHempRadio on the Time 4 Hemp network
    Hosted by Anndrea Hermann
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    Listen to iHR show archives at iHempRadio
    July 1, 2014 Guest
      6-7pmPST LIVE show
    Oh Cannabis!!

    Oh Cannabis!! Source

    Guest 1: Joy Beckerman Maher, Founding President, WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association

    Guest 2: David Seber, Co-creator of Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer/Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment
    Would you like or do you know of a hemp product, project or person that would like to be a guest on our show? We are always looking to support current and ongoing hemp dreams! Sign up HERE

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    HHW 2014

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    Guest 1: Joy Beckerman Maher, Founding President, WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association

    Follow @WAHIAChapter and Like on FB

    Joy Beckerman Maher

    Joy Beckerman Maher

    The Washington State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) officially formed on May 8th of this year after the conclusion of Washington’s frenzied 2014 legislative session wherein active members of the HIA from Washington participated and lobbied heavily with regard to four industrial hemp bills, none of which ultimately passed. There is a misconception that Washington enjoys a State-sanctioned hemp industry due to the fact that Washington has implemented a State-sanctioned marijuana industry. This counter-intuitive reality is a surprise to most Washingtonians and Americans.




    While Washington HIA members made tremendous progress with legislators and policymakers during the 2014 legislative session, the hemp industry in Washington has not commenced and zero policies or infrastructure exist. The HIA and ACLU of WA also assert that Section 7606 of the [Federal] Farm Bill – which authorizes industrial hemp research in accordance with state law – applies to Washington; but Washington’s Department of Agriculture disagrees. The WA HIA has launched a state campaign to respectfully demand that Washington’s Department of Agriculture act upon the authority granted to it by Section 7606 of the Farm Bill, and promulgate simple rules (using Vermont as its model) for industrial hemp research and test plots.

    In addition- Joy is the President of Hemp Ace International LLC  Industrial Hemp Building Materials,Textiles, Seed Oil, Seed Nutrition, Apparel & Consultation

    Joy Beckerman Maher HHW 14 FB


    Guest 2: David Seber, Co-creator of Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer and Log Home Treatment

    David Seber

    David Seber

    Follow @HempShieldHome  and Like on FB

    Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer is a revolutionary water based penetrating oil, Very Low VOC (9g/l), NO HAP (hazardous air pollutants)minimal fumes (Can be used both interior and exterior), tools clean up with soap and water, non-formaldehyde based algicide, fungicide and mildewcide, no tanin bleed through on cedar, truly one coat, high coverage, competitively priced.

    Buy 2+ gal online for Free Shipping

    Check our new 3 min Hemp Shield infomercial/video HERE

    Could you use our 30 second video’s sound track for our PSA?
    Check out our new Hemp Shield 30 sec video HERE


    Fibre Alternatives, manufacturers of hemp based construction materials, is proud to announce the market release of Hemp Shield HS online_storeWood Finish and Deck Sealer™ — The first and only penetrating wood finish containing 100% hemp oil that is produced in the United States. Hemp Shield™ is suitable for wooden decks, fences, stairs, siding, shutters, furniture — anything wooden that is exposed to the weather. In extensive tests, Hemp Shield™ outlasted all comers, including the highest priced deck finish on the national market. Hemp Shield’s finish is extremely UV resistant, and the trans-oxide pigments used in shaded varieties of Hemp Shield™ provide long lasting color to your outdoor wood that does not hide the grain. Hemp Shield’s unique hemp oil formulation represents a major advance in preservation of outdoor wood — a back-to-the-future choice that, by reviving use of an agriculture based oil feed stock, has created a sustainable, environmentally friendly finish that outlasts the most expensive petroleum based finishes. Hemp Shield™ also resists environmental attacks from mildew, algae, and fungus, but in “Clear” formula, contains only 9g/l volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), almost 60 times less than other products labeled “Low VOC”. Hemp Shield products contain none of the 289 hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s) listed by the EPA. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ offers superior performance in a sustainable, truly “green” waterproofer and protectant for outdoor wood.

    Hemp Shield Outlasts All Waterproofers In Weathering Tests

    Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ was designed to provide excellent durability under field conditions, and to meet or exceed the requirements of the following American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

    1) ASTM D 1006 — Exterior Exposure Tests of Paint and Wood
    2) ASTM D 3456 — Exterior Exposure Tests for Susceptibility of Paint Film to Microbiological Attack
    3) ASTM D 3719 — Quantifying Dirt Collection on Exterior Panels

    Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ was tested in an Accelerated Weathering Chamber (ASTM D 4587), where it out-lasted all competitors, including Thompsons Water Seal™ and Cabot’s Deck Stain™. Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ will keep your outdoor wood looking new and natural as long as possible.

    HS Aging Test sm


    News from HIA, VoteHemp and Hemp Report

    1. Virginian farmers want to grow industrial hemp. VA activists are looking for legislation that will make it possible. #votehemp | http://bit.ly/1pDiWnZ
    2. Tasmanian hemp industry gets priority from State Government | ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) http://ab.co/1k4MaUF
    3. Nelson County Farm Owners Push for the Right to Grow Hemp | WVIR NBC29 Charlottesville, VA http://bit.ly/1m1Gf6N
    4. The 5th annual Hemp History Week was the most successful ever! Did you take action? http://hemphistoryweek.com/takeaction
    5. A tip for American farmers: Grow hemp, make money | Los Angeles Times http://lat.ms/1lEAsVj
    6. Growing Like a Weed; MSU industrial hemp crop thriving in no-till conditions | Murray Ledger & Times http://bit.ly/1qUTfyl Murray State University Farm Manager Jason Robertson is shown Thursday standing in a plot of shoulder-high industrial hemp plants in an undisclosed location. This plot was planted using no-till technique and the performance of the plant so far seems to have answered an anticipated question about hemp and no till. Photo credit: John Wright / Ledger & Times
    7. Hemp-infused Cheech & Chong relaxation ice cream set for US launch | DairyReporter http://bit.ly/1iNwEkW
      Relaxation Solutions, a subsidiary of Bebida Beverage Company (BeBevCo), has partnered with 80s comedy duo Cheech and Chong to launch a hemp-infused relaxation ice cream in the US called Nice Dreams, named after the 1981 film.
    8. Delay in hemp cultivation down to legal services | Cyprus Mail http://bit.ly/VtEmqc
    9. Miner tackles hemp business | The Western Producer http://bit.ly/1iLcasU
    10. Review and Recipes: Tempt Hemp Milk by Living Harvest Tempt | Ladybud Magazine http://bit.ly/1vaVUBQ
    11. Hemp crop takes root in Kentucky | The Courier-Journal | courier-journal.com http://cjky.it/TmOVtg
    12. Movie on a Mission: Bringing It Home Movie | Vegetarian Times http://bit.ly/1v9E9mm
    13. This is a great deal. It’s always a good idea to book your reservations for the HIA Conference early! http://thehia.org/2014-HIA-conference-washingtondc.html
    14. Hemp takes root in Kentucky | WHAS11 News Louisville http://bit.ly/1l7aR28
    15. The Imaginary Perils of Tomatoes and Industrial Hemp | Arlington Stone http://bit.ly/1iAa4fF
    16. Hemp Makes This Winery Green | Jetson Green http://bit.ly/1lkNuHa
    17. 4 Ways to Use Hemp Seeds | Oh My Veggies http://bit.ly/1pEWjNt
    18. State Agriculture Department proposes many hoops for hemp farmers | Nashville Business Journal http://bit.ly/1uXhbii
    19. Fitting industrial hemp in your cropping rotation? | ABC Rural http://ab.co/1qsqNSc
    20. “Farmers have been trying to grow industrial hemp for fibre for years but have struggled with regulatory hurdles. Mr Rockliff said there was far too much red tape associated with growing hemp, more so even than with the pharmaceutical poppy industry.” – ABC Australia | http://ab.co/1k65C3j
    21. “The synergy created with the marketing of popular hemp based products CHILLO-energy drink and C-Swiss Iced Tea has opened a sizeable Texan customer base and will open the gateway for an easy entry of our own locally produced hemp-based Iced Tea drink. ” -Utilizer | http://bit.ly/1z2brJ4
    22. HIA President Anndrea Hermann of member company Hemp Technologies will be presenting on 6.26.14 at the GreenRush Conference in Toronto! Stop by the HIA booth! Tickets are only $15 http://www.greenrushfinancialconferences.com/s/toronto-events.asp?ReportID=645249
    23. “Why are we doing this? To keep biodiversity running in agriculture. So yes, in fashion, yes, something that you eat, but at the same time taking care of resources because resources are limited,” said the designer.” – euronews\
    24. “$2 of every download/stream of the movie “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox” by director Sara Lamm will go to fund the Oregon Right To Know campaign to label GMOs! Get your own copy of the movie by following the link below.” -Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
    25. “Seven college friends took up farming, and picked the non-drug industrial hemp as their crop of choice after stumbling upon a booming global industry around it” – The Hindu Business Line
    26. “The research will show that this is a crop that grows well in Kentucky, but particularly well out west at least thus far,” VonLuehrte said. “All indications are it’s not just doing well,” it’s doing “extremely well.” – The Courier-Journal | courier-journal.com
    27. “I can almost see this plant filling that vacuum left by the tobacco industry,” the New River Valley legislator said in a recent interview, citing the global marketplace for hemp.” — Not that you can smoke hemp, but that it has many applications that would provide new income for the American farmer.
    28. Thank you Senator Tom Harkin from Iowa for supporting S. 359 to remove industrial hemp from the Controlled Substance Act.


    HHW points


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    Celebrate the 5th Annual Hemp History Week: June 2-8, 2014
    iHempRadio on the Time 4 Hemp network
    Hosted by Anndrea Hermann
    April 29, 2014    6-7pmPST Listen  here!
    Listen to iHR show archives at iHempRadio
    Guest #1: Matthew Mead, Hempitecture LLC, Idaho, Founder and CEO
    Facebook @Hempitecture

     Guest #2: Robert Rae, Canada Hemp Foods, Co-Founder
    Facebook @CanadaHempFoods

    iHempRadio supports Hemp History Week!


    iHempRadio is offering HempCases! These are hemp composite brief cases with shoulder strap, latches,inside pouch and computer strap! Preorder form is now open. Place your preorder here!

    HempCase Front w/Strap


    Guest #1: Matthew Mead, Hempitecture LLC, Idaho, Founder and CEO

    Matthew Mead- Hempitecture LLC.

    Matthew Mead- Hempitecture LLC.

    Facebook @Hempitecture
    Hempitecture is a building material Innovation and Design company. We are seeking seed-stage capital to develop Hempitecture’s innovative earth based building material concept while simultaneously engaging in design projects for clients who seek a creative and refreshing reconsideration of architecture: building for human health and energy efficiency. We achieve these design goals by harnessing the power of nature to minimize the carbon footprint of a given structure. Ultimately, we intend to both continue the research and development of hemp building innovations for the American Green Building Market. These materials will be integrated into the construction process through the design arm of Hempitecture, creating a hollistic and integrated design approach.

    Hempitecture is a design-based startup focused on building with natures most rapidly renewable resource, Industrial Hemp. The Hempitecture approach incorporates passive, sustainable design strategies with insulating hempcrete. Ultimately, Hempitecture intends to operate as a design studio for hemp projects while also focusing on innovating hemp building materials for the US market.

    hempitecture logo1

    The Team!

    The Team!

    Hempitecture engages in design projects for clients who seek a creative and refreshing reconsideration of architecture: building for human health and energy efficiency. We achieve these design goals by harnessing the power of nature to minimize the carbon footprint of a given structure. Meet the team here

    HWS The Pitch Entrepreneurial Competition: Finalist
    New York State Business Plan Competition – Finger Lakes: Winner
    New York State Business Plan Competition – Statewide: Finalist
    Global Student Entrepreneurs Award: Regional Finalist

    The Hempiture team saying thanks to G. Washington!

    The Hempitecture team saying thanks to G. Washington!


    Guest #2: Robert Rae, Canada Hemp Foods, Co-Founderchf fam
    Facebook @CanadaHempFoods

    chf logo


    Canada Hemp Foods was founded in 2006 by Robert Rae and Wally Venechuk and is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. As a business that basically started out as “two guys in a garage,” the company has grown to offer nine popular hemp food products that are available in more than 200 stores across Canada and the US, as well as Amazon, Walgreens.com and our online store. Both men had added hemp to their diet on the recommendation of friends in order to clear up some frustrating chronic health conditions – and within weeks their ailments had cleared up, they were losing weight, and had more energy than they’d had in years! Robert and Wally became so convinced of the invaluable health benefits of this nutritious plant, they decided to start a business so they could share it with others. And Canada Hemp Foods was born!

    CHF Line of Fine Hemp Products

    CHF Line of Fine Hemp Products


    News from Vote Hemp and Hemp Industries Association

    1. Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance annual meeting registration is open!!! Register here!
    2. Hemp History Week! Get out and make a hemp difference!
    3. Reporting Industrial Hemp Acreage | U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency http://bit.ly/1rlv0XP
    4. Gov. to sign industrial hemp bill | KITV Honolulu http://bit.ly/1hLf0XZ “Gov. Neil Abercrombie is scheduled to sign SB2175 into law on Wednesday. The bill authorizes the University of Hawaii at Manoa to establish a two-year industrial hemp remediation and biofuel research program.”
    5. Need a new pair of hemp Vans? Clotheshorse has the latest on both high- and low-tops! http://bit.ly/S2ND71
    6. NY Bill Would Legalize Hemp Growth for Research | WGRZ – Channel 2, Buffalo http://on.wgrz.com/RXILA4
    7. Saving Iowa’s soil – Scientists: Much damage done | Farm-News http://bit.ly/PGW9q6 “The fourth step is add industrial hemp to farm rotations. “It’s an important food and fiber source,” Watson said, “second only to soybeans in protein. “America is the only country that bans growing hemp, but we are the world’s biggest importer of hemp.”"
    8. The Prague Post has a great update on the Czech and European hemp industry: http://bit.ly/1mNVemz

      Hemp for health – Legal hemp products are pushing into the mainstream | The Prague Post http://bit.ly/1mNVemz

    9. There’s a reason why Alberta is Canada’s hemp leader | Alberta Farmer Express http://bit.ly/1mJTsCV
    10. Hemp Oil Woodstain | Global Hemp http://bit.ly/1jVAq7w
    11. Hemp: The Next Billion-Dollar Cash Crop? | Earth Island Journal | Earth Island Institute http://bit.ly/1faqBoK
    12. Expanded hemp production passes easily in Colorado Senate | Associated Press | The Cannabist http://bit.ly/1jOVWul
    13. Three Must-Have Seeds for Your Menu | Jane Dummer | The Huffington Post Canada http://huff.to/1jQ83HQ
    14. Assemblywoman Lupardo on Hemp Research | FOX 40 News WICZ-TV http://bit.ly/1igmhVt
    15. High Hopes for Hemp on Maui | Maui Weekly http://bit.ly/1hfjxpJ
    16. Indiana has passed a hemp farming law. NUVO did a nice write write up on the subject. The screen shot below is page 13. Check it out in their digital edition at: http://bit.ly/Qe4OBk
    17. Missouri Hemp Network announces 2014 Earth Day in Columbia | The St. Louis Post-Dispatch & STLtoday.com http://bit.ly/1hlmwsg
    18. JUNGMAVEN hemp t-shirts, do you have yours? Jungmaven Hemp T-Shirts  Made in the USA http://www.jungmaven.com/
    19. Holy Crap Cereal, funny name, big sales, and lots of hemp. Risqué Names Reap Rewards for Some Companies | The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1k707U9 Corin and Brian Mullins named their nonallergenic, high-fiber breakfast cereal, Holy Crap Cereal. Photo credit: Kim Stallknecht for The New York Times
    20. Doug Fine will be at Village Books in Fairhaven – Bellingham, WA on Tuesday, April 29 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Town Hall Seattle – Seattle, WA on Wednesday, April 30 from 7:30 am – 9:00 pm. All of his book tour dates, times, and locations are here: http://dougfine.com/events/

  • iHempRadio 2-4-14


    iHempRadio on the Time 4 Hemp network

    Feb 4th  2014  Show Archive: Listen here!

    Guest #1 Doug Fine, Author
    Website  Twitter: @organiccowboy  Facebook

    Doug Fine, Friend, Author, Father & Goat Herder

    Doug Fine- Friend, Author, Father & Goat Herder

    For the follow-up to his 2008 bestseller Farewell, My Subaru: An Epic Adventure in Local Living, author, investigative journalist, and solar-powered goat herder Doug Fine spent the 2011 “Emerald Triangle” cannabis growing season shadowing locally-permitted cultivators from farm to patient in Mendocino, County California. This is a redwood-enshrouded paradise where federal law enforcers are generally not welcome and cannabis is worth $6 billion to farmers annually. The number two crop, grapes, brings in $74 million. Witnessing the impact of the local legalization of cannabis on the Northern California economy and public safety (an experiment fully endorsed by the local sheriff), Fine extrapolated the staggeringly large revenue source he discovered on to a nationwide model in his widely-praised book Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution.

    Then, in 2013, Fine realized hemp is soon to be even bigger. For more than a year, he researched hemp from Canada (where hemp is a crop valued at close to a billion dollars and growing 20% annually) to Belgium (where farmers grow hemp fibers for use in BMW and Mercedes door panels).

    Hemp Bound

    Hemp Bound


    In his new book, Hemp Bound, Fine convincingly argues that hemp will prove even more lucrative to the American economy than psychoactive cannabis. It is, according to Willie Nelson, “a blueprint for the future.” Hemp Bound covers all facets of industrial hemp, from production to digital age industrial applications, and everything in between. Officially published April 20, 2014, pre-order is on now everywhere. When not investigating sustainability and drug policy, Fine lives in New Mexico.  www.dougfine.com



    Guest #2: Joni Lane, LEED Green Associate, Build Hemp   Boston Architectural College Graduate Student
    Website  Twitter: @buildhemp  Facebook

    I’m beginning my final semester in my degree and have decided to develop my capstone around helping the hemp building

    Joni Lane- "Growing a Sustainable Future and Healing our Built Environment with Bio-Based Materials."

    Joni Lane- “Growing a Sustainable Future and Healing our Built Environment with Bio-Based Materials.”

    industry here in the US the best I can. It’s currently titled “Growing a Sustainable Future and Healing our Built Environment with Bio-Based Materials.”

    I’ve seen too many stories and even personally been effected by the toxicity in our built environment and understand the paradigm shift in thinking about how our products and materials are made, what they contain, and what happens to them after their effective life.

    Hempcrete has no equal as a natural, biodegradable building product, sequestering carbon dioxide for the life of the building. Created by simply combining water, hemp shiv and a lime-based binder it produces a building product with excellent thermal insulating and acoustic properties. Not only breathable but the lime is going to keep the wall from ever having mold or mildew growth. Hempcrete is also fireproof, pest resistant, and drastically reduces the need for heating and cooling. The fact that Hempcrete is said to be a superior material begs the question – why isn’t it more widely used?

    The consensus amongst the leaders within this industry seems to be that the US is lacking the certifications and tests that mainstream products must undergo for adoption. So, for my capstone, I’m going to help break down that barrier and decipher these specific third party tests need. Compressive and tensile load tests, fire resistance, flame spread, etc.

    Currently looking at starting with launching a crowdsourcing funding campaign beginning at $100,000 – to acquire the funds for these tests and standards. I hope to collaborate with the leading players in the industry to help form a co-op to facilitate what needs to be done, all while bringing awareness to this product, and inspire its widespread adoption.

    News and other great hemp stuff!! Thanks Vote Hemp and The HIA

    1. The Farm Bill has just passed the Senate by a vote of 68 to 32. Section 7606 – Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research is in the Farm Bill. The bill now goes to the President for his signature. BREAKING: The Farm Bill was just passed by both houses of Congress, and includes Section 7606, which legitimizes Industrial Hemp Research! The bill goes to the President for signature now, which is almost certain… we are one step closer to full legalization of hemp in the U.S.! IT’S TIME TO GROW
    2. Go to https://squareup.com/market/livity-rising and use the Promo Code iHemp and get a 14% (in honor of 2014) discount for all iHempRadio hemp loving amigos!
    3. Cousin Mary Jane is a finalist in the FedEx Small Business Big Grant Contest! Vote us for and help us win one of ten small business grants from FedEx including the $25,000 grand prize! Cousin Mary Jane and Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Company are dedicated to bringing Hempelicious™ foods to people for better health and wellness while providing an environmentally sustainable food. http://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/Gallery/Detail/703d2aa5-c7c5-4bd6-bb60-7c7440604c97/
    4. Boulder County Hemp Meeting – Part 2: March 2, 2014
    5. Patriot Bioenergy Corp. Begins Process to Classify Hemp as Fuel Feedstock | Patriot Bioenergy Corporation http://conta.cc/MrQtim Vote Hemp spokesman Alex Brant-Zawadzki said “American industries are eager to develop a full-fledged hemp industry and the potential is great once farmers can grow industrial hemp again commercially”. He continued that “Patriot Bioenergy is a great example of a company ready to innovate and create jobs from hemp. The only thing they are waiting for is the federal government to step out of the way”.
    6. Hemp for building materials is one of the many great things to use hemp for! If you want a great education of hte subject, please be sure to sign up for the International Hemp Building Association‘s 4th International Hemp Building Symposium, which will be held on the 9-10 April 2014 at the CATWISE Centre, Wales UK. Learn more at http://internationalhempbuilding.org/events/ Come and join the leaders of this Hemp Building revolution at one of the worlds foremost centres of research into alternative building systems the CAT WISE Centre Wales. http://internationalhempbuilding.org/events/
    7. Industrial Hemp Could Return To Wisconsin | Wisconsin Public Radio http://bit.ly/1aZj1eT
    8. Kentucky and Indiana take steps toward legalizing hemp | WDRB News http://bit.ly/1bnXlDO
    9. Indiana Senate sends hemp production bill to House for debate | The Statehouse File http://bit.ly/1fUTfWx
    10. Thanks to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition for this graphic that explains how the Farm Bill will become law. The final vote in the Senate is tomorrow. In case you missed it: The Senate just wrapped up debate on the farm bill! The bill, which passed the House last week, is expected to pass the Senate and be sent to the President’s desk this week. Take a look at our handy farm bill graphic to see how we got to this point in the farm bill process (http://bit.ly/1eNOhss), then read through NSAC’s latest blog posts (What’s in the Farm Bill? http://bit.ly/1dYLBr5 & Farm Bill Final Steps http://bit.ly/1elcnjA) to get even more detail about what may soon become the 2014 Farm Bill.
    11. Do you want to sail on the USS Constitution on the 4th of July: If so, please visit http://www.history.navy.mil/ussconstitution to download the official application form and apply now! HUZZAH! USS Constitution’s 2014 4th of July cruise lottery is now OPEN! Visit www.history.navy.mil/ussconstitution to download the official application form!
    12. Hemp hopeful – Farm bill would allow cultivation in N.D. | The Minot Daily News http://bit.ly/1etAMln
    13. Wow, a 9,000 year old pice of hemp linen fabric has been found by the Çatalhöyük Research Project! Centuries-old hemp fabric found in Çatalhöyük | Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review http://bit.ly/1ejbsjE
    14. Politics have changed to the point that candidates embrace the issue of industrial hemp rather than running from it. John Hanger, a former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, is one of those people. For Governor! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCpTFrwkuq8
    15. Intombi Films produced this short documentary together with Hemporium SA in South Africa detailing the aims of the Industrial Hemp trials currently underway in the Western Cape.This Commercial Incubation Research trial is set to conclude in 2015 and is permitted by the Department of Health and coordinated by Dr Thandeka Kunene. Commercial permits to grow hemp are not yet available in South Africa, and this trial is another step towards a viable local industrial hemp industry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD_GJNKI0Vs
    16. These sound fantastic! Chocolate Chip Hemp Cookies | Hemp Foods For Me You & Suzie Q http://bit.ly/1fuaiR0
    17. Industrial Hemp Goes From Fringe To Front Burner For Tenn. Legislature | Nashville Public Radio http://bit.ly/LhGKKO
    18. James Comer Agriculture Commissioner to create industrial hemp pilot programs in Kentucky if Farm Bill passes | Business First of Louisville http://bit.ly/1fg4oAz
    19. NH Senate votes against letting farmers legally grow industrial hemp, for study instead | Daily Journal http://bit.ly/1dbDwiz
    20. Living Harvest Tempt tofu sounds fantastic! Holy Hemp Tofu from #LivingHarvest – So excited to rock a non-soy tofu scramble for breakfast. Pics to follow, peeps!
    21. Legislature considering hemp production for Nebraska | Beatrice Daily Sun http://bit.ly/MhUAgU
    22. Mitch McConnell high on hemp provision in farm bill | POLITICO http://politi.co/1aHW53J
    23. If you haven’t already, add yourself to the mailing list for Hemp History Week and help celebrate and co-create a hempen revival in the USA.
    24. Become a hemp stakeholder: Stakeholder Support Letter For New Crops And Job Creation To sign on to this letter please fill out the form below. This support letter is intended for companies, businesses, non-profits, groups or organizations that are interested in supporting industrial hemp as a stakeholder.
    25. May 21 – 22, 2014 11th EIHA Conference Rheinforum – Wesseling, Germany Leaflet of the Conference (PDF) http://www.eiha-conference.org
    26. HEMP AIDE CONCERT TICKET GIVE-A-WAY CONTEST! Here are the 3 steps to enter: 1st – write to your Senators about S.359, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, on Vote Hemp‘s take action page here: http://votehemp.com/takeaction

    2nd – then on the confirmation page click “Post This to Facebook” to ask your friends to take action for hemp on your own personal page. 3rd – finally post the comment “I just wrote my Senators about hemp!” below the original Kris Kristofferson Hemp Aide Concert poster picture post on the Hemp History Week page here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=656687991036869 5 lucky people will be gifted a pair of concert tickets! Hemp Aide is for all ages and will include hemp product samples from top sponsors Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and Nutiva, plus hands-on hemp exhibits. Please mark your calendars for HEMP AIDE on February 22nd in Sacramento with 3 time Grammy Award winner and recent Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Kris Kristofferson along with poet-musician and co-founder of Hempstead Project Heart John Trudell.

    Hemp Aide

    Hemp Aide