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Anndrea Hermann

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Sept 9, 2014 Guest
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 Guest 1: Ben Droz, Legislative Liaison, VoteHemp
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Guest 2: Colleen Sauvé,  Vote HempNational Outreach Coordinator and Founder, Tennessee Hemp Industries Association- State Chapter
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Guest 1: Ben Droz, Legislative Liaison, VoteHemp ben droz

ben yolo logoDesigner of Yolo Bolo- Hemp Bolo ties!

Schedules and attends meeting with congressional staff. Proven success in gaining co-sponsors and working across the aisle. Grassroots and community outreach. Sustainable agriculture, States Rights, Biobased products, industrial hemp.

Vote Hemp is a national, single-issue, non-profit advocacy group founded in 2000 by members of the hemp industry to remove barriers to industrial hemp farming in the U.S. through education, legislation and advocacy. We work to build grassroots support for hemp through voter education, registration and mobilization, as well as defend against any new laws, regulations or policies that would prohibit or restrict hemp trade. Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, oilseed and fiber varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp has absolutely no use as a recreational drug.ourPartners_07

Droz maintains presence on Capitol hill as a full-time advocate for industrial hemp farming. Droz has regular meetings with congressional offices, ranging from short education meetings, high level policy meetings, and presentations to working groups. Droz has been integral in developing and implementing legislative strategy, and continues to work day to day on these activities.

Tweets @bendroz 1400+ followers, @benshemp 500+, Facebook: @bendrozphotos 800+ fans @benshemp 700 fans+ instagram @bendroz 800+

Hemp Specialist- Expert on Industrial Hemp; current legislative status, industry and market. Connections throughout the global industry.
Photography- Professional photographer specializing in events. Published regularly in Washington Life Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine, Brightest Young Things. Out and about.
Technology- Former Technology Specialist, proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and general technical problem solving.

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Guest 2: Colleen Sauvé,  Vote HempNational Outreach Coordinator and

Founder, Tennessee Hemp Industries Association- State Chapter

This was my opening summary statement in 2013…

“I want to captivate a national audience by telling the story of an initiative that will improve the quality of people’s lives. Are you looking for me?”

In 2014, Vote Hemp found me.

After over a decade, having worked in civil law & utility advocacy (water & natural gas), a culmination of experiences laid the groundwork for strategic activism. In Tennessee, I spearheaded a non-profit organization for industrial hemp, Tennessee Hemp Industries Association, ahead of the legislation to tnhia logolegalize hemp farming. With major grassroots support & a social media campaign called “Hemp looks like this,” we began educating legislators about the opportunity to bring hemp farming back to the state. The campaign involved exhibiting Colleen in KY fieldfinished hemp products (food, t-shirts, cars, bio-fuel, etc.) and not the plant itself. This was a key strategy due to hemp’s popular, yet troublesome, conflation with high-THC varieties, i.e. marijuana. The campaign went viral nationally and continues to grow. With the foundation of the TNHIA and successful presentations to the legislature, we achieved a near unanimous victory in the passage of Tennessee’s hemp law.There is no plant on Earth that will improve the quality of people’s lives more than cannabis, especially fiber & oilseed varieties. Not only will they reduce our reliance on petrochemicals, but hemp can restore American agriculture offering sustainability & sequestering CO2. I have the great privilege to work with activists in realizing a major paradigm shift for our future. We will get back to farming & grow a great nation.

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