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July 8, 2014 Guest
  6-7pmPST LIVE show

Guest 1: Michael McCarthy, Founder, Budi Bar

Guest 2: Anthony Medina, Owner/Curator,  The HART Gallery 
Guest 3: Isaac Nichelson, Founder, LiViTY Outernational, Legalized GoodsS3Source ,  and Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer of Global Hemp Group
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HHW 2014

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Guest 1: Michael McCarthy, Founder, Budi Bar 

@BudiBar and Like on FB

I created the Budi Bar in 2010 to meet my own need for a food bar that increased focus and attentio

n and created steady crash free energy.  While studying Psychology and Mind/Body at Harvard, I learned how foods can have the same positive impact as medicine without drastic side effects or costly health expenses.

We brought together for the first time natural, superfood ingredients that have high antioxidant levels, mind balancing Omega-3 fatty acids, mind focusing amino acids, and natural ingredients that time release energy without causing sugar spikes.

Budi Bar awardsMy primary goal is giving you the health of superfoods while tasting like a gourmet treat.  After one year of tinkering with the recipe in my apartment kitchen, I created the Budi Bar and many focused fans along the way!

2010, 2011, 2012 Winner Best Healthy Option New England Dessert Showcase
2012 Winner Best Sugar Free Option New England DessertShowcase

“Budi” is Indonesian for Wise and our mission is gourmet food that enhances brain function and much more.  Our bars are designed to taste just like your favorite foods that you love and are made from natural, whole food ingredients.  We are passionate about nourishing your brain while delighting your taste buds. Find our more here.


Budi Bars

Budi Bars Source


Team Budi!!

Team Budi!!


Guest 2: Anthony Medina, Owner/Curator,  The HART Gallery@HEMP_ERA and Like on FB

Anthony Media and HART Artist

Anthony Media with EA Kennedy

Today's featured artist is Chuck Bloom

HART featured artist is Chuck Bloom copyright works featured at The HART

Mission Statement: HEMP-ERA strives to provide high quality hemp products and help create environmental sustainability for future generations through the use of the world’s most useful crop, HEMP.

What’s in a name? The name HEMPERA is an acronym for Help End Mass Pollution – Environmental Revolution Association. Our passion for hemp stems from our love of nature, and we advocate for the use of industrial hemp as a means of creating environmental sustainability as well as a stronger world economy.

Empowering communities with hemp! In 2015, we will establish a non-profit 501 C3 where 10% of HEMPERA.com’s profits will go to our non-profit organization, HEMPERA.org. The funds will be used to donate clothing to honor roll students of financial aid families as well as providing healthy, nutritious school lunches for elementary school kids.

HARTThe remaining 90% of the profits are rolled back into HEMPERA for developing new products, and promoting hemp to the masses.

Get involved. We encourage any and all with concerns about the environment, your local community, your local economy, or an interest in politics to join our social movement, “The REVOLUTION”. We throw events to network with others interested in hemp, join other organizations to help with environmental issues and attend community events to spread the word about hemp. The REVOLUTION begins here!

The HART Gallery features artwork on hemp canvas, or hemp paper and we promote Art as Activism.

Hemp Art Canvas

Hemp Art Canvas


Guest 3: Isaac Nichelson, Founder, LiViTY Outernational, Legalized GoodsS3Source, and ChiefS3S filed with I N photo 5

Sustainability and Marketing Officer of Global Hemp Group

Like Legalized LiViTY , S3Source

team_inichelsonIsaac Nichelson is an eco-fashion entreprenure who has been called the “Johhny Appleseed of Eco Fashion”. His creative studio S3 develops brands and clothing and accessory products from primarily hemp-based and/or organic/recycled textiles. Brands such as iNi Cooperative, House of Marley, LiViTY and the new Cannabis advocacy website legalizedgoods.com have all been created by S3.

Isaac Nichelson is known as an ahead-of-the-curve designer, entrepreneur, activist, and thought leader.  Isaac’s innovations within the fashion and natural products markets over the last 20 years have effected global trends in sportswear and fashion. With the creation of the LiViTY Outernational brand in 2001, Isaac pioneered what many referred to as, “the first stylistically relevant eco-friendly fashion products”.

livityKnown for creating some of the first organic and recycled products for several of the worlds largest brands, Isaac’s work has visibly impacted the emerging trend toward sustainability in the apparel industry. In 2007, Isaac was dubbed “the Johnny Appleseed of Eco” by California Apparel News, in recognition of being one of the pioneers of environmentally friendly fashion products made from hemp, recycled, and other organic materials.

Isaac‘s skill for developing new forms of environmentally focused branding and messaging has led him to consult consumer products giants such as Homedics Inc. with brand development, messaging, and culture building campaigns. In recent years Isaac’s has work has touched a broad array of product categories ranging from personal electronics to luggage and accessories to body care, beverages, and food.

in dea arrest

As an activist Isaac’s goal is to promote the stewardship of our environment and social responsibility in virtually every project he takes on. Isaac says, “I use my creative skills to effect positive change, I call this ‘Art as Activism’…”  In 2009, Isaac and a small group of farmers and industry upstarts known as the “Arlington Six“, made international news when they were arrested while planting Hemp as a protest on the front lawn of the national headquarters of the DEA.s3s


S3Source offers comprehensive solutions for both private label and promotional goods.We develop cutting edge eco-products, create next-level brands, and design progressive products, packaging, and information— hands-on, and in collaboration with our partners in the USA, and around the world.

Global Hemp GroupGlobal Hemp Group, Inc. companies are integral suppliers of high quality sustainable raw materials derived from the hemp plant. With products that will be recognized as leading global brands, it will operate in the automotive, building materials, biocomposites, energy-related markets, food, nutritional supplements & nutriceuticals, and pharmaceuticals markets, guided by the overarching theme of “global environmental protection.” Applying the key concepts of sustainability and social responsibility, Global Hemp Group, Inc. offers products and services through its subsidiaries that are energy-producing and consumption-reducing, stronger and lighter in weight, healthier and non-toxic

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