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Oh Cannabis!!

Oh Cannabis!! Source

Guest 1: Joy Beckerman Maher, Founding President, WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association

Guest 2: David Seber, Co-creator of Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer/Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment
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Guest 1: Joy Beckerman Maher, Founding President, WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association

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Joy Beckerman Maher

Joy Beckerman Maher

The Washington State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) officially formed on May 8th of this year after the conclusion of Washington’s frenzied 2014 legislative session wherein active members of the HIA from Washington participated and lobbied heavily with regard to four industrial hemp bills, none of which ultimately passed. There is a misconception that Washington enjoys a State-sanctioned hemp industry due to the fact that Washington has implemented a State-sanctioned marijuana industry. This counter-intuitive reality is a surprise to most Washingtonians and Americans.




While Washington HIA members made tremendous progress with legislators and policymakers during the 2014 legislative session, the hemp industry in Washington has not commenced and zero policies or infrastructure exist. The HIA and ACLU of WA also assert that Section 7606 of the [Federal] Farm Bill – which authorizes industrial hemp research in accordance with state law – applies to Washington; but Washington’s Department of Agriculture disagrees. The WA HIA has launched a state campaign to respectfully demand that Washington’s Department of Agriculture act upon the authority granted to it by Section 7606 of the Farm Bill, and promulgate simple rules (using Vermont as its model) for industrial hemp research and test plots.

In addition- Joy is the President of Hemp Ace International LLC  Industrial Hemp Building Materials,Textiles, Seed Oil, Seed Nutrition, Apparel & Consultation

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Guest 2: David Seber, Co-creator of Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer and Log Home Treatment

David Seber

David Seber

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Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer is a revolutionary water based penetrating oil, Very Low VOC (9g/l), NO HAP (hazardous air pollutants)minimal fumes (Can be used both interior and exterior), tools clean up with soap and water, non-formaldehyde based algicide, fungicide and mildewcide, no tanin bleed through on cedar, truly one coat, high coverage, competitively priced.

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Fibre Alternatives, manufacturers of hemp based construction materials, is proud to announce the market release of Hemp Shield HS online_storeWood Finish and Deck Sealer™ — The first and only penetrating wood finish containing 100% hemp oil that is produced in the United States. Hemp Shield™ is suitable for wooden decks, fences, stairs, siding, shutters, furniture — anything wooden that is exposed to the weather. In extensive tests, Hemp Shield™ outlasted all comers, including the highest priced deck finish on the national market. Hemp Shield’s finish is extremely UV resistant, and the trans-oxide pigments used in shaded varieties of Hemp Shield™ provide long lasting color to your outdoor wood that does not hide the grain. Hemp Shield’s unique hemp oil formulation represents a major advance in preservation of outdoor wood — a back-to-the-future choice that, by reviving use of an agriculture based oil feed stock, has created a sustainable, environmentally friendly finish that outlasts the most expensive petroleum based finishes. Hemp Shield™ also resists environmental attacks from mildew, algae, and fungus, but in “Clear” formula, contains only 9g/l volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), almost 60 times less than other products labeled “Low VOC”. Hemp Shield products contain none of the 289 hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s) listed by the EPA. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ offers superior performance in a sustainable, truly “green” waterproofer and protectant for outdoor wood.

Hemp Shield Outlasts All Waterproofers In Weathering Tests

Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ was designed to provide excellent durability under field conditions, and to meet or exceed the requirements of the following American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

1) ASTM D 1006 — Exterior Exposure Tests of Paint and Wood
2) ASTM D 3456 — Exterior Exposure Tests for Susceptibility of Paint Film to Microbiological Attack
3) ASTM D 3719 — Quantifying Dirt Collection on Exterior Panels

Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ was tested in an Accelerated Weathering Chamber (ASTM D 4587), where it out-lasted all competitors, including Thompsons Water Seal™ and Cabot’s Deck Stain™. Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ will keep your outdoor wood looking new and natural as long as possible.

HS Aging Test sm


News from HIA, VoteHemp and Hemp Report

  1. Virginian farmers want to grow industrial hemp. VA activists are looking for legislation that will make it possible. #votehemp | http://bit.ly/1pDiWnZ
  2. Tasmanian hemp industry gets priority from State Government | ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) http://ab.co/1k4MaUF
  3. Nelson County Farm Owners Push for the Right to Grow Hemp | WVIR NBC29 Charlottesville, VA http://bit.ly/1m1Gf6N
  4. The 5th annual Hemp History Week was the most successful ever! Did you take action? http://hemphistoryweek.com/takeaction
  5. A tip for American farmers: Grow hemp, make money | Los Angeles Times http://lat.ms/1lEAsVj
  6. Growing Like a Weed; MSU industrial hemp crop thriving in no-till conditions | Murray Ledger & Times http://bit.ly/1qUTfyl Murray State University Farm Manager Jason Robertson is shown Thursday standing in a plot of shoulder-high industrial hemp plants in an undisclosed location. This plot was planted using no-till technique and the performance of the plant so far seems to have answered an anticipated question about hemp and no till. Photo credit: John Wright / Ledger & Times
  7. Hemp-infused Cheech & Chong relaxation ice cream set for US launch | DairyReporter http://bit.ly/1iNwEkW
    Relaxation Solutions, a subsidiary of Bebida Beverage Company (BeBevCo), has partnered with 80s comedy duo Cheech and Chong to launch a hemp-infused relaxation ice cream in the US called Nice Dreams, named after the 1981 film.
  8. Delay in hemp cultivation down to legal services | Cyprus Mail http://bit.ly/VtEmqc
  9. Miner tackles hemp business | The Western Producer http://bit.ly/1iLcasU
  10. Review and Recipes: Tempt Hemp Milk by Living Harvest Tempt | Ladybud Magazine http://bit.ly/1vaVUBQ
  11. Hemp crop takes root in Kentucky | The Courier-Journal | courier-journal.com http://cjky.it/TmOVtg
  12. Movie on a Mission: Bringing It Home Movie | Vegetarian Times http://bit.ly/1v9E9mm
  13. This is a great deal. It’s always a good idea to book your reservations for the HIA Conference early! http://thehia.org/2014-HIA-conference-washingtondc.html
  14. Hemp takes root in Kentucky | WHAS11 News Louisville http://bit.ly/1l7aR28
  15. The Imaginary Perils of Tomatoes and Industrial Hemp | Arlington Stone http://bit.ly/1iAa4fF
  16. Hemp Makes This Winery Green | Jetson Green http://bit.ly/1lkNuHa
  17. 4 Ways to Use Hemp Seeds | Oh My Veggies http://bit.ly/1pEWjNt
  18. State Agriculture Department proposes many hoops for hemp farmers | Nashville Business Journal http://bit.ly/1uXhbii
  19. Fitting industrial hemp in your cropping rotation? | ABC Rural http://ab.co/1qsqNSc
  20. “Farmers have been trying to grow industrial hemp for fibre for years but have struggled with regulatory hurdles. Mr Rockliff said there was far too much red tape associated with growing hemp, more so even than with the pharmaceutical poppy industry.” – ABC Australia | http://ab.co/1k65C3j
  21. “The synergy created with the marketing of popular hemp based products CHILLO-energy drink and C-Swiss Iced Tea has opened a sizeable Texan customer base and will open the gateway for an easy entry of our own locally produced hemp-based Iced Tea drink. ” -Utilizer | http://bit.ly/1z2brJ4
  22. HIA President Anndrea Hermann of member company Hemp Technologies will be presenting on 6.26.14 at the GreenRush Conference in Toronto! Stop by the HIA booth! Tickets are only $15 http://www.greenrushfinancialconferences.com/s/toronto-events.asp?ReportID=645249
  23. “Why are we doing this? To keep biodiversity running in agriculture. So yes, in fashion, yes, something that you eat, but at the same time taking care of resources because resources are limited,” said the designer.” – euronews\
  24. “$2 of every download/stream of the movie “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox” by director Sara Lamm will go to fund the Oregon Right To Know campaign to label GMOs! Get your own copy of the movie by following the link below.” -Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
  25. “Seven college friends took up farming, and picked the non-drug industrial hemp as their crop of choice after stumbling upon a booming global industry around it” – The Hindu Business Line
  26. “The research will show that this is a crop that grows well in Kentucky, but particularly well out west at least thus far,” VonLuehrte said. “All indications are it’s not just doing well,” it’s doing “extremely well.” – The Courier-Journal | courier-journal.com
  27. “I can almost see this plant filling that vacuum left by the tobacco industry,” the New River Valley legislator said in a recent interview, citing the global marketplace for hemp.” — Not that you can smoke hemp, but that it has many applications that would provide new income for the American farmer.
  28. Thank you Senator Tom Harkin from Iowa for supporting S. 359 to remove industrial hemp from the Controlled Substance Act.


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