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June 17, 2014 Guest
Guest 1: Steve Edmonds, Campaign Manager for
Mr. Bill Wohlsifer, Candidate Florida Attorney General
Guest 2: Alex Abdalla, Founder, EVER Bar, LivityFoods
Guest 3: Anna Owen, Event Coordinator, Hemp History Week
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Mark your calendar for the 6th Annual Hemp History Week – June 1-7, 2015.

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  Guest 1: Steve Edmonds, Campaign Manager for Mr. Bill Wohlsifer, Candidate Florida Attorney General

Mr. Bill Wohlsifer

Mr. Bill Wohlsifer

Mr. Wohlsifer Facebook   Hemp4Water SiteFacebook Hemp4Water    @hemp4water Bill Wohlsifer is the first Libertarian to run for the Florida Attorney General position. When elected, Bill Wohlsifer will be:

  • Florida’s First Attorney General to support an end to the War on Drugs.
  • Florida’s First Attorney General to advocate that the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor, provides sufficient grounds to challenge Florida’s Article I, Section 27, Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage
  • Florida’s First Attorney General to advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida (Bill wrote the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act)
  • Florida’s First Attorney General to advocate for the creation of an industrial hemp cultivation industry in Florida
  • Florida’s First Attorney General to endorse open carry of a handgun, subject to substantially similar restrictions that apply to concealed carry
  • Florida’s First Attorney General who is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but a Libertarian.

When elected, Bill Wohlsifer would:hemp4water meme

  • Advance consumer protection policy and objectives
  • Fight against fraudulent and deceptive trade practices
  • Preserve the Constitutional right to access to public records and access to open government
  • Investigate allegations of corruption in state government
  • Ensure that the so-called “little guy” or “underdog” is equally represented in the state’s legal affairs
  • Protect civil liberties and preserve parental authority
  • Preserve our state’s sovereignty and its power to protect Floridians from overreaching federal encroachment on the rights reserved to this state or to the people under the 10th Amendment

About Hemp4Water hemp4water-logo Hemp4water is predicated on the Florida controlled substance list and hemp’s inclusion on it.  In Florida, the Attorney General has the power via statute to take items on and off that list.  Bill Wohlsifer, my candidate, had pledged to remove any hemp strains with less than 0.3% THC from the FL controlled substance list.  By doing so, there will billions of dollars of economy opened up almost instantly.  I am sure that you are aware that Florida is one of the largest importers of hemp for a variety of products, mostly textiles and consumables.  Hemp4water assumes that out of the 9.2 million acres currently in agricultural production that the incentive for profit will encourage 2 million acres worth of hemp production.  It then outlines the potential for industry and pick the top 2 and bottom 2 in terms of over-all economic potential.  Then it looks at what the revenue potential of the businesses could be if taxed at 5.5% (current corporate tax rate, 7% and 8% (popular sales tax rates in the state) and 15% (a rate chosen to generate revenue – it could be any number) – The suggestion is that traditional taxes be exempted for industrial hemp and instead charge a hemp4water assessment.  The people in the hemp industries would have the knowledge of the cost of doing business before hand in addition to knowing those dollars would not be lost in the general revenue fight but specifically allocated to the funding water  infrastructure improvements.  Currently there is no more state money for the scale of improvements we are talking about.  We have been waiting on the trickle that never comes from the Federal Government.  Its time to start providing our own nourishment.   This is a way to fund those improvements without disrupting any current budgets or allocations. reschedule-ihempThe 2014 Legislature again failed to address Florida’s water issues, but a fresh candidate for Attorney General, Libertarian Bill Wohlsifer, has a plan to fund water conservation and infrastructure:   Legalize the production of hemp in the state. Does it sound crazy?  It shouldn’t. Current industry estimates report that U.S. retail sales of all hemp-based products may hemp4waterbe nearly $500 million per year. Because there is no commercial industrial hemp production in the United States, the U.S. market is largely dependent on imports. [2] In 2010, exports of Canadian hemp seed and hemp products were valued at more than $10 million. Most Canadian hemp exports go to the United States.  [3] SO, WHY AREN’T WE GROWING HEMP HERE? “When elected, I will use the power vested in the Attorney General under section 893.0355(2), Florida Statutes, to adopt rules removing cannabis containing a THC level no greater than 0.3% from Florida’s controlled substance list, to reclassify industrial hemp as an agricultural crop in this state. Normalizing industrial hemp cultivation will generate tax revenue, revitalize vacant farmlands, add to the sale of farm machinery and agribusiness supplies, and create jobs in Florida.”  - Bill Wohlsifer Although hemp is a variety of the genus Cannabisthe same plant species as marijuana, hemp is genetically different and distinguished by its use and chemical makeup. Hemp has long been cultivated for non-drug use in the production of industrial and personal care products. Some estimate that the global market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products, including fabrics and textiles, yarns and raw or processed spun fibers, paper, carpeting, home furnishings, construction and insulation materials, auto parts, and composites. One of the more interesting uses is in phytoremediation, to cleanse contaminated and radiated soil, air and water. It is being used to clear contaminants at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site. Hemp is effective as weed control to avoid use of herbicides.  As a food product, it contains numerous essential fatty acids. The inclusion of hemp with marijuana under the definition of Cannabis is based upon reliance on outdated norms, without any reasonable distinction between the THC levels in the different species of Cannabis plants and without distinction between the psychoactive and medicinal uses of marijuana and the agricultural and industrial applications of hemp. On August 29, 2013, the United States Department of Justice updated its federal marijuana enforcement policy in response to recent state laws that have legalized the possession, production, processing, and sale of marijuana under strict state regulatory systems. In light of such updated federal policy, and upon Florida’s imposition of strict regulatory requirements for hemp cultivation, it is reasonable to expect a similar non-interference policy with regard to the cultivation, processing, and sale of hemp in Florida. The requisite regulatory guidelines are available for our legislature’s use, as Bill Wohlsifer, voluntarily and without pay, drafted such regulatory guidelines in 2013 for use by any Florida legislator that will take it up. In all, Bill drafted two proposed industrial hemp billshttp://wohlsifer4ag.com/2013/12/31/industrial-hemp-reclassification/ andhttp://wohlsifer4ag.com/2013/12/31/hemp-agricultural-crop/ and one proposed industrial hemp resolution http://wohlsifer4ag.com/2013/12/31/recognition-of-industrial-hemp/ for use in the 2014 legislative session. [1] At present, no Florida legislator is moving on this great opportunity. Please contact your representatives and introduce this initiative to them. Industrial hemp is legally produced by at least 30 countries in the world, including China, Russia, Korea, and our neighbors, Canada and Mexico.  It defies logic to allow the import of hemp and hemp byproducts from Canada and Mexico to be used in the production and sale of goods in the U.S., while not allowing hemp to be grown domestically. Normalizing industrial hemp cultivation would generate tax revenue, revitalize vacant farmlands, add to the sale of farming machinery and agribusiness supplies, and create jobs in Florida.

[1] The Legislative Review Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida is currently seeking representative sponsors to file the proposed legislation. [2] Renée Johnson, Congressional Research Service,  Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity July 24, 2013,  pg. ‘summary’ [3] Ray Hansen, Ag Marketing Resource Center Industrial Hemp Profile benefits Guest 2: Alex Abdalla, Founder EVER Bar, LivityFoods  Like EVER BarEverBar Alex Since 2011, Livity Foods has been continuously developing earth-based hemp food products. Using nutritious and sustainable ingredients, we’re demonstrating how desirable, tasteful foods can be drawn from Nature. The newly released Ever Bar, handcrafted in Maryland, has ingredients that look like they did when they came from the earth; they are the bar’s source of sustenance as well as flavor and energy. BETTER PERSPECTIVES ON FOOD- Food is an investment. What a person eats has both immediate and long-term results–it determines energy, mental clarity, length and quality of life. But the priorities of many companies in the food industry have compromised our diets and therefore our bodies. A company wants to minimize production costs, but we believe this must be considered only after choosing nutritious and sustainable ingredients. That’s why we use ingredients like hemp, a food directly from Nature that effectively helps fulfill bodily needs.

LivityFoodsFinalsREDEFINED BUSINESS DYNAMIC- There are many means of making a living, but Livity Foods is built out of people who want not only want to succeed in life, but to create something that betters themselves and others. That entrepreneurial spirit leads us to desire a company which serves as a platform for new ideas; a company that functions as a venue for human development. Such a company aims for:


Respect and Mutuality–Working in an environment not based on social hierarchy or a one-way chain of command, but exchange and contribution. The company is structured, but open to participation by everyone involved. This, we believe, is conducive to a cohesive and multi-skilled work dynamic, but is also an end in itself, a desirable social model which embodies effective human cooperation.

Direct Interactions with Buyers--In its marketing and its members, Livity Foods communicates with transparency the nature of its products. We educate our buyers to make them aware of the importance of nutrition and of their power as consumers to heighten the market’s demand for better food.

PROFIT- Profit is an aim of any company, but it is not the sole aim. For Livity Foods the goals listed above are not secondary. A loss in profit is as undesirable as a failure to live by convictions. Our purpose is not profit at any cost, but production efficiency and profit maximization within standards–standards both external to the company (FDA regulations, laws, socially tasteful conventions) and internal: those that matter to us in our lives as individuals as well together as a company. The way we see it, this is part of a better life, where profit is only a tool.


Guest 3: Anna Owen, Event Coordinator, Hemp History Week

Anna Owen

Anna Owen

#hempweek @HempHistoryWeek Facebook

Mark your calendar for the 6th Annual Hemp History Week – June 1-7, 2015.

The following is from the HHW event wrap up newsletter dated June 15th, 2014

Thank you for participating in the 5th Annual Hemp History Week! As you may know, this campaign marked the biggest and most celebrated Hemp History Week to date. Your participation resulted in over 1,400 events in cities and towns throughout all fifty states, including nearly 300 grassroots organizer-led events; over 40 BRINGING IT HOME screenings; more than 1000

Letters to Senators from Bellingham, Washington. Source HHW Newsletter

Letters to Senators from Bellingham, Washington. Source HHW Newsletter

retail promotions; a restaurant program and 30-campus college roadshow. You also helped submit over 2,000 letters, emails, and calls to U.S. Senators encouraging them to support changes to federal policy that would allow American farmers to once again grow industrial hemp.

This number surpasses our goal for this year and is growing daily! Additionally, industrial hemp has received over 4,000 press hits since January that educated state and federal legislators, the media, and the public on the benefits of hemp and how it will help grow our economy.
This spring marked ground breaking progress for hemp in Kentucky - Hemp History Week celebrated the planting of certified hemp seed with Growing Warriors in Mount Vernon, KY. This momentous step forward was made possible by Hemp History Week organizers like you! Your continued pressure on Congress helped bring forth the Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, Section 7606, of the 2014 Farm Bill which passed both House and Senate and was signed by the President earlier this year. More recently, the House of Congress and Senate Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to the CJS Appropriations Bill in support of industrial hemp with strong bipartisan support. If allowed to become law, the amendment would preclude the DEA from interfering with hemp farming in states that have passed legislation legalizing the crop. These milestones in conjunction with State hemp legislation is bringing hemp back to many U.S. farms – It’s Time to Grow.

HHW 2014We still have some work to do before all U.S. farmers are free to grow this profitable, sustainable, versatile crop.

Help keep up the pressure by calling, emailing, or writing to your U.S. Senators today to ask them to become a cosponsor of S. 359, Senator Ron Wyden’s companion bill to H.R. 525, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013. Please take action on our site today.

Thank you to all our campaign sponsors who helped make

Hemp History Week possible through their financial support and product donations including Vote Hemp, the Hemp hemp logo w-namehemp logo w-nameIndustries Association, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Living Harvest Foods, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, Nature’s PathNutiva, Hemp TechnologiesHimalaniaChelsea Green Publishing and Satori Movement. Help extend our gratitude to these Hemp History Week sponsors by supporting them throughout the year!hemp logo w-name

Nothing speaks louder than event pictures. We want to show off your hard work and hope you can take some time to post a few photos on the Hemp History Week

Benjamin Streit HHW14  Duluth, Minnesota  Source: Benjamin Streit Facebook

Benjamin Streit HHW14
Duluth, Minnesota
Source: Benjamin Streit Facebook

Facebook Wall. Don’t forget to tag @HempHistoryWeek so we can share your great event too! Send your best album with photo credits and/or captions to Anna@hemphistoryweek.com. We will post them to the Hemp History Week photo gallery.

There is no stopping us now! Please stay engaged and active in the movement! We are at a tipping point. Together we are creating hemp history.

Here’s what you can do today:

Do you have any feedback on this year’s Hemp History Week? What we could do better? New ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HempHistoryWeek.

Hemp Hemp Hooray! The Hemp History Week Team,

Christina, Eric, Anna, Nancy, Lauren and Ryan

Hemp In the News! Sourced from Vote Hemp, HIA and The Hemp Report

  1. Yes, CBD is Still Illegal | The Leaf Online
  2. Anndrea Hermann, president of the Hemp Industries Assoc., among speakers at the June 26, Toronto event. #greenrush #hemp
  3. Great commentary by Nebraska Hemp Industries Association, founder. “Feldman said NEHIA will serve as “an educator to the public” and facilitate the needs of all levels of the industry including research, farming, manufacturing and retail.”
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  5. Article from Australia: “We need a groundswell of public activism to force elected and unelected decision makers to act in the national interest, and in the case of industrial hemp, cut through the roadblocks and allow it to become the jobs generator it can be.” Dubbo Photo New

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