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March 18th 2014
6-7pmPST Listen here!

Guest #1 Matt McClain, Co-Founder and Director of Operations, Recreator

Website  Facebook: Kickstarter twitter: @RecreatorLA

Recreator Hemp Apparel

Recreator is an apparel brand specializing in hemp. All of our clothes are made locally in downtown LA and printed by Recreator using water-based inks. All of our apparel is made in Los Angeles: dye, cut, sew, and print.


Our graphics are curated from submissions through our artist network. We advocate for the revival of the American hemp trade: that includes farmers and entrepreneurs. Recreator is an active lifestyle brand specializing in hemp. We collaborate with artists of all backgrounds: music, film, graphic design, graffiti, etc. We’re working toward using American hemp fibers in as many products as possible.


The 100% Hemp T-Shirt

Recreator Get your Own Hemp T

Recreator Get your Own Hemp T

After years of groundwork, our team came together in Los Angeles to bring superior hemp goods to market. Launching out with graphic T-shirts lays the foundation for an American hemp lifestyle brand.

Everyone wants a 100% HEMP T-SHIRT. Here’s why:

This specialty knit is light and drapes around your body. It is more durable than most T-shirts you’ve worn but almost feels like silk. The hemp fibers wick away moisture and keep you cool in warm weather. The fabric’s air chambers respond to the environment, trapping in body heat when it’s cold out.

This rare good is the BEST 100% HEMP T-SHIRT on the market…

And it is only available Direct to Customer exclusively on Kickstarter. Hemp has some amazing qualities. Hemp outperforms and outlasts all other natural fibers.

Quality Craftsmanship

Lightweight, Jersey Knit T-shirts. Recreator Hemp garments are neither itchy nor coarse. No viscose. Pre-shrunk. Soft to the Rec hemp vs cothand. Low-impact dyed and semi-bleached hemp. Water-based inks. Minimal waste and low ecological footprint. The standard of excellence in Digital Printing Technology.

Attention to detail and quality control. Local small batch Cut and Sew. Extended length and athletic cut designed for recreational use. Custom fit achieved by shaping when wet and hanging dry. Hand-finished in our DTLA basecamp by the Recreator team.

We are located in the core of the hemp industry. Our partners include:

  • #1 specialty hemp importer in the United States

  • Dye houses experienced in treating hemp

  • Cut & Sew manufacturer with a touch for organic fabrics

  • Local hemp paper printing facility


Recreator Artist Program

Artists receive up to 12.5% revenue share on their designs. Many artists have pledged their skills to mold Recreator into a creative co-op; three are featured in this campaign. This talented bunch handles our exploration of symbol and style.

We also collaborate with filmmakers, musicians, and fashion designers to create a breakthrough brand. With your help, we will be launching more artists and band merchandise this summer.


Guest #2:  Elishewa Shalom, Founder, Artisan Hemp Paper 

Website     Facebook     Kickstarter    twitter: @ArtisanHemp

Elishewa Shalom, of Natureflections and Artisan Hemp

Elishewa Shalom, of Natureflections and Artisan Hemp

Artisan Hemp Paper Project

Intention is to heal Earth by growing the hemp paper industry. First step – Research and develop hemp fiber processing for paper artisan hempmaking and product development.


  • My name is Elishewa Shalom.

    • I became passionate about hemp after discovering the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, by Jack Herrer when I was in high school.

    • In 2005, I was taking many nature photographs and upon the positive reactions to family and friends, began making photo greeting cards and selling the cards locally.

    • I switched to using hemp paper for the cards, merging my passions for hemp and business – seeing the company as a vehicle for activism to promote environmental change.

    • In 2012, out of frustration due to extremely limited sources of hemp paper available amidst an abundance of information on its benefits, I began renting studio time and instruction at a local art studio to learn about hemp paper making.

    • Guest lecturer on Hemp Paper at Oregon State University College of Forestry WSE 266 Industrial Hemp course.

What We Need & What You Get:

Handmade Artisan Hemp Paper

Handmade Artisan Hemp Paper

Here is what the money will go towards:

  • Supplies – Hemp Fibers, paper making materials such as felts, molds/ deckles.

  • Studio Time and classes – I rent a studio hourly. Processing fibers into pulp takes at least 6 hours total. Sheet forming is very time consuming as well – I like to think of it as a meditation.

  • Greeting Cards printing, including new designs.

  • I will take scrupulous notes and write a book all about hemp paper making.

  • Natureflections greeting cards feature nature’s healing beauty. They are blank inside and can be used for any occasion. They are wonderful to send to family and friends for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, valentine’s Mothers Day, Father’s Day and every day, or to frame and hang on a wall or prop on an altar. The healing colors and vibrations of nature is a great way to lift anyone’s spirits. The images are inspirational and a reminder that life is beautiful. Original limited edition print will feature a surprise image related to cannabis and will be printed with a hand-press, a beautiful old-school technique.

  • If I don’t reach my entire goal, I will use the funds only for hemp fibers and studio time and not invest in new molds/deckles, felts, or card printing and use cards that are already in stock to fulfill orders. (New molds and deckles will help make higher quality paper and various sizes and shapes.)

  • If over $10k is raised, I will make even more hemp paper! The goal is to do this full time. If more than $50k is raised, I will begin building a hemp paper making studio. Right now, I rent and have to work around studio hours, classes, and other renters.  I would love to work all day and night. Also, the beater and equipment is shared and used for various fibers- many other artists use dyes and fixers too, which sometimes rub off on my paper, making it difficult to produce purely natural paper. I also intend to experiment with natural plant dyes to make colored paper. Also will invest in automatic production by procuring or building a fourdrinier type belt style machine to be able to produce larger quantities of paper that are of consistent quality.

The Impact

As America prepares for the reincarnation of its hemp industry, we need to setup hemp fiber processing facilities. I believe that researching and working with hemp on a small scale will prove invaluable when it is time to establish large scale hemp paper

Tony, Adam and Anndrea help Elishewa Shalom, of Natureflections and Artisan Hemp make hemp paper

Tony, Adam and Anndrea helping Elishewa Shalom, of Natureflections and Artisan Hemp make hemp paper


  • Hemp is much better for the environment than tree paper – Hemp cleans the air, earth, and water as it grows. It can be recycled 7-8 times and is archival!

  • Hemp does not require toxic chemicals for pulping, unlike timber which uses dioxins to remove lignins for pulping (which is a reason why the paper industry is one of the largest causes of water pollution on the planet.)

  • Hemp can be grown for seed and the stalk made into paper – a very efficient way to utilize precious farmland. Hemp also does not require much water and can grow very easily.

  • There are so many reasons to support hemp!

  • We are all connected – All One! Let’s work together to heal the planet and create a sustainable new Earth for future generations.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Like and share on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google + and More!

  • Get the word out however you can.

Love and Gratitude!

News from Vote Hemp and The Hemp Industries Association

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  4. Hemp is Happening- Are your coming to the Hemp Happening and Networking event in Middlebury, Vermont this Wednesday 3/19 night at the Ilsley Public Library at 6pm? If you are interested in join Rural Vermont, Vote Hemp, and Full Sun Company as we rebuild the hemp economy. If you have any questions email robb@ruralvermont.org
  5. The 5th annual Hemp History Week is this June 2-8! It’s time to grow your hemp community by hosting an event. SIGN UP TODAY: http://hemphistoryweek.com/events/event-submission/Hurry & register before APRIL 18th to be considered for product samples from our great sponsors like Nature’s Path Organic Foods, Living Harvest Tempt, Nutiva, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods (while supplies last)
  6. Now, gluten-free crackers made from hemp flour and decaffeinated green tea leaves | Business Standard http://bit.ly/1gvHnNa “he findings of this study, where hemp flour and decaffeinated green tea leaves were incorporated into crackers, suggest that consumers may benefit from consuming these gluten-free crackers with superior nutritional qualities in terms of high protein, crude fibers, minerals and essential fatty acids content and antioxidant properties.”
  7. Please sign the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition petition to The Virginia General Assembly & Governor Terry McAuliffe | Change.orghttp://chn.ge/OicWj8 We hereby petition the General Assembly and Governor Terry McAuliffe to pass legislation that licenses and regulates the production of Industrial Hemp as an industrial and agricultural commodity.
  8. Iranian researchers produce high-quality hemp paper | Business Recorder http://bit.ly/1e3alTD “The project, `Production and using hemp pulp nanofibers to improve kraft paper properties,’ was conducted with hemp pulp brown kraft paper production carried out in Iran and other stages carried out in Sweden. They found that composite papers or papers covered by nanofibers of hemp kraft pulp had improved physical and chemical properties than composite papers or papers covered by nanofibers of commercially-produced coniferous kraft pulp. The project indicated that, using hemp kraft pulp as a non-lignin ligno-celluloid plant as raw material, and using less than 400kWh electricity, celluloid nanofibers would be produced mechanically. The current cost of production of celluloid nanofibers from this pulp falls to less than $ 6.5 per kilogram of the nanofiber (Posted by Parvez Jabri).”
  9. Idea of industrial hemp grows on Nebraska lawmakers | Omaha World-Herald http://bit.ly/1lDp9tT

  10. Nebraska’s industrial hemp bill receives overwhelming support on floor | Sioux City Journal http://bit.ly/PpAWli

  11. SB 2495, the industrial hemp farming bill, has passed in the Tennessee Senate!

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  15. Anndrea Hermann and Ruth Fahrbach are representing the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and Vote Hemp well at the National Farmers Union convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico! National Farmers Union Convention in Santa Fe (9 photos) Vote Hemp at the National Farmers Union Convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  16. Sneak peek: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Hemp Heart Snax!

  17. Dr. Bronner’s Soap Pumps $100k Into Anti-GMO Measure In Oregon | Willamette Week http://bit.ly/1kvNHYt

  18. 2013 Annual Retail Sales for Hemp Products Exceeds $581 Million | Hemp Industries Association http://thehia.org/PR/2014-02-28-hia_$581_million_annual_sales.html

  19. Please call or write to Indiana Governor Mike Pence today and ask him to sign SB 357, the industrial hemp farming bill. The phone number and email form is at: http://www.in.gov/gov/2333.htm If you choose to email, there is a drop down menu that requires you to pick subject matter. Please use “Agriculture, Indiana State Department of” and fill out the rest of the required fields. Here is a suggested email:

Dear Governor Pence,

Please sign SB 357, the industrial hemp farming bill. Industrial hemp has been defined in federal law or the first time in the Farm Bill and research is allowed in hemp farming states now. You may read Section 7606 of the Farm Bill at: https://votehemp.com/7606

If you would like to learn more about the issue of hemp please read the Congressional Research Service report “Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity” by Renée Johnson, February 14, 2014, which is available at: http://votehemp.com/CRS



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