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Recorded Oct 21th, 2014
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Guest 1: Tonya Watts, Founder and CEO, Dazey Hemp Skin Care, Dazey Hemp Jeans, and Singer/Song Writer



Guest 2: Zev Paiss, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Hemp Association


Guest 3: Jake Wade, Cofounder & COO, Parallel Revolution



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Guest 1: Tonya Watts, Founder and CEO, Dazey Hemp Skin Care, Dazey Hemp Jeans, and Singer/Song Writer tonyawatts_dazeyhemp_marijauanaskincare_hempskincare_mineralpeal_womanentrepreneur-1050x451

Founded in 2011 by Tonya Watts, Dazey Hemp Skin Care is a dynamic and sustainable emerging global skin care brand. Made in California, Dazey Hemp products are designed and formulated with sustainability in mind. Dazey Hemp use quality hemp based, vegan ingredients that are responsibly sourced and are not tested on animals.

A true rebel child of the South, Tonya Watts epitomizes the genuine 21st-century outlaw spirit in country music. Authentic, fearless, strikingly beautiful, the Alabama-born renegade’s mixture of soulful songwriting, impassioned vocal delivery and kicking, hard-edged musicality is downright irresistible. From professional acting and modeling jobs (she was Pam Anderson’s Baywatch body double, played Dolly Parton in Get to the Heart; the Barbara Mandrell Story) to her ceaseless work as outspoken social crusader (her ongoing efforts to assist Nashville’s homeless riled up a horde of Music City cops and politicians), Watt’s passion and drive are unrivaled. It is her music, though, where this extraordinary woman really excels. Source

Dazey Hemp is available online here.

We are an emerging skin care brand specializing in the use of Hemp Seed Oil in all of our products. Hemp Seed Oil is a miraculous ingredient with many uses throughout many industries. We use Hemp Seed Oil in our products for the great effect it has on moisturizing and hydrating the skin, while bringing a host of other benefits such as recompensing for lower ceramide levels in the skin and thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, Hemp Seed Oil contains 50 – 60 % linoleic (LA) and 19% linolenic (LNA) acids, as well as antioxidants in the form of vitamin E and carotene. The profile of the essential fatty acids found in it closely resembles the skin’s natural lipids, and it therefore neutralizes the effects of dehydration, and protects against dry and itchy skin. Hemp Seed Oil is nature’s tonic for dry or inflamed skin.

Dazey Hemp Skin Care is proud to offer the the following line of products:Dead Sea & Hemp Extreme Facial Creme_PSD

Dazey Hemp Extreme Facial Cream: Our Extreme Facial Creme contains over 25 “good­for­your­skin” ingredients that are known for their hydrating, moisturizing, nourishing, revitalizing & penetrating properties. In addition to the Organic Hemp Seed Oil, our exclusive formula also contains Mineral Rich Dead Sea Mud and our exclusive Dead Sea Mineral­ Fusion Extracts. Replenishes dry skin, aides in the appearance of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, age spots, acne, fine lines and wrinkles.

Dead Sea Mineral Peel_PSDDazey Hemp Mineral Peel: Dead Sea Mineral Peel is a cool, cutting edge alternative to microdermabrasion. It is unscented and designed for sensitive skin. Utilizing four powerful primary ingredients, Hemp Seed Oil, Dead Sea Mineral Clay, Green Tea and Turmeric; each with unique properties that aid in restoring and rejuvenating tired, dull skin. Dazey Hemp’s Mineral Peel will have you looking like you just spent a day at the spa.

All of our Dazey Hemp products are hand­crafted in small batches using responsibly sourced ingredients to ensure maximum freshness. They are free of synthetic fragrances, petroleum by­products & parabens. Gentle enough to use on all skin types, including babies!



Zev Paiss

Zev Paiss

Guest 2: Zev Paiss, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Hemp Association

The Rocky Mountain Hemp Association is the fastest growing organization dedicated to the re-birth of industrial hemp in America. We are a mission-driven non-profit which helps connect farmers, processors, manufactures, researchers, investors and policy makers to accelerate the growth of this important industry in the United States.

On these “pages” you will learn how hemp is returning to America as a valuable crop. To stay informed,  please sign up for our mail list, become a member, register on our discussion forum, and look through our calendar of upcoming events.

The industrial hemp industry is rapidly moving forward. Please check back often to stay well informed about the latest news and participate in industrial hemp’s return to America.


Mission: To be a premier resource supporting the Industrial Hemp industry in the Rocky Mountain Region

We accomplish this by:

• Educating and informing the public about the health, environmental, and economic benefits of reviving an industry that has been prohibited for over fifty years;
• Building a community of individuals, businesses and organizations to facilitate the growth of the industry;
• Working collaboratively with industry, government officials, and the scientific community to create and implement industrial hemp standards, certifications and regulations.

Memberships are open to all hemp advocates, educators, farmers, manufacturers, and retailers.


Guest 3: Jake Wade, Cofounder & COO, Parallel Revolution Navy Jake office


Supporting Our Communities

We believe there’s no better time than now, everyday, to help improve life on the planet. Therefore we invest 2% of every sale to further the work of charities and nonprofit organizations. By supporting Parallel Revolution, you’re supporting not only responsible manufacturing and American jobs, but positive humanitarian and conservation movements.


Insourcing: Keeping Jobs In The USA

We’re fortunate to produce all of our woven products in the USA. By keeping most of our production stateside, we support American families and communities across the country. The power of global trade also lets us manufacture a small amount of our less technical clothing overseas, supporting the farmers and their families who grow our textiles.

Hemp: The Superior Choice

Premium hemp fabric is the foundation for every garment we make. We use Tagua (also known as Corozo) palm nut buttons exclusively, our tags are plantable (they grow California wildflowers), and our packaging is recycled and reusable. Why? Because when you start with great materials, you end with great products. Check out our blog or drop us a line to learn more!

We’re two guys who decided to make smart apparel using environmentally sound materials. By changing our own actions, we’re hoping to inspire others to do the same. Since 2010, we’ve been working to provide what you see today: a new quality line of hemp-based clothing, predominately designed and manufactured in the USA. With every sustainable garment we produce, we keep 2 parallel principles in mind:

  1. That all humans strive to do the right thing
  2. If presented an opportunity, they’ll likely act in parallel fashion

We’re here to create these opportunities. Our philosophy is simple: if we can make something we love to wear,  we know you’ll love to wear it as well.




I have been involved in the apparel industry my whole life; my mom insisted I wear clothes.  I like to think of myself as an apparel connoisseur. In the past few years I have come to truly appreciate natural materials that have no impact on our planet, and in many cases, benefit our ecology.  Since co-founding Parallel Revolution in 2010, I have developed a love affair with hemp and tagua palm nuts (vegetable ivory), both of which are harvested with no damage to the plant or environment.  Best of all, these components are superior to the more popular/mainstream standards.  By using these components, we’ve developed what we believe to be planet earth’s preferred clothing.

From a young age, I was taught to take pride in my craftsmanship, and for that I must thank my family.  In turn, I have discovered my greatest passions are in upholding quality and American manufacturing, specifically in textiles.  Scholastically, I graduated with a degree in business from California State University, Chico.  I play the ukulele in my spare time and occasionally I can be found doing standup comedy.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I’ve made my way to Southern California through a diverse and challenging course of career moves. I’ve spent some time in the USAF, as a stock broker, an IT consultant and started a couple businesses along the way. Outside of work I’m an ocean lover and avid surfer.

In co-founding Parallel Revolution my aspiration is to introduce hemp and other eco-friendly resources as a staple for quality apparel. My goal is to produce globally sustainable goods which provide value for our customers, our communities and our company’s future.

I intend to collaborate in the weaving of a compelling story, told a hundred years from now, which will detail an industrial hemp Revolution. We all have a small window to make a big impression on the people and planet that surround us. Let’s make our time count.

Welcome to the Revolution! You can connect with me here or find me in the lineup. Peace.




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