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Guest #1 Doug Fine, Author
Website  Twitter: @organiccowboy  Facebook

Doug Fine, Friend, Author, Father & Goat Herder

Doug Fine- Friend, Author, Father & Goat Herder

For the follow-up to his 2008 bestseller Farewell, My Subaru: An Epic Adventure in Local Living, author, investigative journalist, and solar-powered goat herder Doug Fine spent the 2011 “Emerald Triangle” cannabis growing season shadowing locally-permitted cultivators from farm to patient in Mendocino, County California. This is a redwood-enshrouded paradise where federal law enforcers are generally not welcome and cannabis is worth $6 billion to farmers annually. The number two crop, grapes, brings in $74 million. Witnessing the impact of the local legalization of cannabis on the Northern California economy and public safety (an experiment fully endorsed by the local sheriff), Fine extrapolated the staggeringly large revenue source he discovered on to a nationwide model in his widely-praised book Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution.

Then, in 2013, Fine realized hemp is soon to be even bigger. For more than a year, he researched hemp from Canada (where hemp is a crop valued at close to a billion dollars and growing 20% annually) to Belgium (where farmers grow hemp fibers for use in BMW and Mercedes door panels).

Hemp Bound

Hemp Bound


In his new book, Hemp Bound, Fine convincingly argues that hemp will prove even more lucrative to the American economy than psychoactive cannabis. It is, according to Willie Nelson, “a blueprint for the future.” Hemp Bound covers all facets of industrial hemp, from production to digital age industrial applications, and everything in between. Officially published April 20, 2014, pre-order is on now everywhere. When not investigating sustainability and drug policy, Fine lives in New Mexico.  www.dougfine.com



Guest #2: Joni Lane, LEED Green Associate, Build Hemp   Boston Architectural College Graduate Student
Website  Twitter: @buildhemp  Facebook

I’m beginning my final semester in my degree and have decided to develop my capstone around helping the hemp building

Joni Lane- "Growing a Sustainable Future and Healing our Built Environment with Bio-Based Materials."

Joni Lane- “Growing a Sustainable Future and Healing our Built Environment with Bio-Based Materials.”

industry here in the US the best I can. It’s currently titled “Growing a Sustainable Future and Healing our Built Environment with Bio-Based Materials.”

I’ve seen too many stories and even personally been effected by the toxicity in our built environment and understand the paradigm shift in thinking about how our products and materials are made, what they contain, and what happens to them after their effective life.

Hempcrete has no equal as a natural, biodegradable building product, sequestering carbon dioxide for the life of the building. Created by simply combining water, hemp shiv and a lime-based binder it produces a building product with excellent thermal insulating and acoustic properties. Not only breathable but the lime is going to keep the wall from ever having mold or mildew growth. Hempcrete is also fireproof, pest resistant, and drastically reduces the need for heating and cooling. The fact that Hempcrete is said to be a superior material begs the question – why isn’t it more widely used?

The consensus amongst the leaders within this industry seems to be that the US is lacking the certifications and tests that mainstream products must undergo for adoption. So, for my capstone, I’m going to help break down that barrier and decipher these specific third party tests need. Compressive and tensile load tests, fire resistance, flame spread, etc.

Currently looking at starting with launching a crowdsourcing funding campaign beginning at $100,000 – to acquire the funds for these tests and standards. I hope to collaborate with the leading players in the industry to help form a co-op to facilitate what needs to be done, all while bringing awareness to this product, and inspire its widespread adoption.

News and other great hemp stuff!! Thanks Vote Hemp and The HIA

  1. The Farm Bill has just passed the Senate by a vote of 68 to 32. Section 7606 – Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research is in the Farm Bill. The bill now goes to the President for his signature. BREAKING: The Farm Bill was just passed by both houses of Congress, and includes Section 7606, which legitimizes Industrial Hemp Research! The bill goes to the President for signature now, which is almost certain… we are one step closer to full legalization of hemp in the U.S.! IT’S TIME TO GROW
  2. Go to https://squareup.com/market/livity-rising and use the Promo Code iHemp and get a 14% (in honor of 2014) discount for all iHempRadio hemp loving amigos!
  3. Cousin Mary Jane is a finalist in the FedEx Small Business Big Grant Contest! Vote us for and help us win one of ten small business grants from FedEx including the $25,000 grand prize! Cousin Mary Jane and Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Company are dedicated to bringing Hempelicious™ foods to people for better health and wellness while providing an environmentally sustainable food. http://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/Gallery/Detail/703d2aa5-c7c5-4bd6-bb60-7c7440604c97/
  4. Boulder County Hemp Meeting – Part 2: March 2, 2014
  5. Patriot Bioenergy Corp. Begins Process to Classify Hemp as Fuel Feedstock | Patriot Bioenergy Corporation http://conta.cc/MrQtim Vote Hemp spokesman Alex Brant-Zawadzki said “American industries are eager to develop a full-fledged hemp industry and the potential is great once farmers can grow industrial hemp again commercially”. He continued that “Patriot Bioenergy is a great example of a company ready to innovate and create jobs from hemp. The only thing they are waiting for is the federal government to step out of the way”.
  6. Hemp for building materials is one of the many great things to use hemp for! If you want a great education of hte subject, please be sure to sign up for the International Hemp Building Association‘s 4th International Hemp Building Symposium, which will be held on the 9-10 April 2014 at the CATWISE Centre, Wales UK. Learn more at http://internationalhempbuilding.org/events/ Come and join the leaders of this Hemp Building revolution at one of the worlds foremost centres of research into alternative building systems the CAT WISE Centre Wales. http://internationalhempbuilding.org/events/
  7. Industrial Hemp Could Return To Wisconsin | Wisconsin Public Radio http://bit.ly/1aZj1eT
  8. Kentucky and Indiana take steps toward legalizing hemp | WDRB News http://bit.ly/1bnXlDO
  9. Indiana Senate sends hemp production bill to House for debate | The Statehouse File http://bit.ly/1fUTfWx
  10. Thanks to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition for this graphic that explains how the Farm Bill will become law. The final vote in the Senate is tomorrow. In case you missed it: The Senate just wrapped up debate on the farm bill! The bill, which passed the House last week, is expected to pass the Senate and be sent to the President’s desk this week. Take a look at our handy farm bill graphic to see how we got to this point in the farm bill process (http://bit.ly/1eNOhss), then read through NSAC’s latest blog posts (What’s in the Farm Bill? http://bit.ly/1dYLBr5 & Farm Bill Final Steps http://bit.ly/1elcnjA) to get even more detail about what may soon become the 2014 Farm Bill.
  11. Do you want to sail on the USS Constitution on the 4th of July: If so, please visit http://www.history.navy.mil/ussconstitution to download the official application form and apply now! HUZZAH! USS Constitution’s 2014 4th of July cruise lottery is now OPEN! Visit www.history.navy.mil/ussconstitution to download the official application form!
  12. Hemp hopeful – Farm bill would allow cultivation in N.D. | The Minot Daily News http://bit.ly/1etAMln
  13. Wow, a 9,000 year old pice of hemp linen fabric has been found by the Çatalhöyük Research Project! Centuries-old hemp fabric found in Çatalhöyük | Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review http://bit.ly/1ejbsjE
  14. Politics have changed to the point that candidates embrace the issue of industrial hemp rather than running from it. John Hanger, a former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, is one of those people. For Governor! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCpTFrwkuq8
  15. Intombi Films produced this short documentary together with Hemporium SA in South Africa detailing the aims of the Industrial Hemp trials currently underway in the Western Cape.This Commercial Incubation Research trial is set to conclude in 2015 and is permitted by the Department of Health and coordinated by Dr Thandeka Kunene. Commercial permits to grow hemp are not yet available in South Africa, and this trial is another step towards a viable local industrial hemp industry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD_GJNKI0Vs
  16. These sound fantastic! Chocolate Chip Hemp Cookies | Hemp Foods For Me You & Suzie Q http://bit.ly/1fuaiR0
  17. Industrial Hemp Goes From Fringe To Front Burner For Tenn. Legislature | Nashville Public Radio http://bit.ly/LhGKKO
  18. James Comer Agriculture Commissioner to create industrial hemp pilot programs in Kentucky if Farm Bill passes | Business First of Louisville http://bit.ly/1fg4oAz
  19. NH Senate votes against letting farmers legally grow industrial hemp, for study instead | Daily Journal http://bit.ly/1dbDwiz
  20. Living Harvest Tempt tofu sounds fantastic! Holy Hemp Tofu from #LivingHarvest – So excited to rock a non-soy tofu scramble for breakfast. Pics to follow, peeps!
  21. Legislature considering hemp production for Nebraska | Beatrice Daily Sun http://bit.ly/MhUAgU
  22. Mitch McConnell high on hemp provision in farm bill | POLITICO http://politi.co/1aHW53J
  23. If you haven’t already, add yourself to the mailing list for Hemp History Week and help celebrate and co-create a hempen revival in the USA.
  24. Become a hemp stakeholder: Stakeholder Support Letter For New Crops And Job Creation To sign on to this letter please fill out the form below. This support letter is intended for companies, businesses, non-profits, groups or organizations that are interested in supporting industrial hemp as a stakeholder.
  25. May 21 – 22, 2014 11th EIHA Conference Rheinforum – Wesseling, Germany Leaflet of the Conference (PDF) http://www.eiha-conference.org
  26. HEMP AIDE CONCERT TICKET GIVE-A-WAY CONTEST! Here are the 3 steps to enter: 1st – write to your Senators about S.359, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, on Vote Hemp‘s take action page here: http://votehemp.com/takeaction

2nd – then on the confirmation page click “Post This to Facebook” to ask your friends to take action for hemp on your own personal page. 3rd – finally post the comment “I just wrote my Senators about hemp!” below the original Kris Kristofferson Hemp Aide Concert poster picture post on the Hemp History Week page here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=656687991036869 5 lucky people will be gifted a pair of concert tickets! Hemp Aide is for all ages and will include hemp product samples from top sponsors Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and Nutiva, plus hands-on hemp exhibits. Please mark your calendars for HEMP AIDE on February 22nd in Sacramento with 3 time Grammy Award winner and recent Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Kris Kristofferson along with poet-musician and co-founder of Hempstead Project Heart John Trudell.

Hemp Aide

Hemp Aide




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