iHempRadio 12-17-13

December 17, 2013
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1st Hemp Guest:  Summer Star Haeske,  Director of Sales & Marketing, EnviroTextiles, LLC   is committed to providing superior plant fiber textiles, leaving the smallest environmental footprint as possible, and ensuring that the local economy benefits from our business.  Founded on the principles of environmental protection, fair trade, and corporate responsibility, we actively promote sustainability. EnviroTextiles in Glenwood Springs, CO, is a pioneer in the development of hemp and hemp blend textiles and are industry leaders in the efforts to improve corporate responsibility and transparency in manufacturing processes and labeling.Like ET on FB

A leader in Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, and Bio-Degradable Products

2nd Hemp Guest:

Guest #2 : Colleen Sauve, Founder, Tennessee Hemp Organization

TN Hemp Organization is supporting legislators in their efforts to sponsor industrial hemp legislation, and educate the public and opponents on the truths about industrial hemp. Our biggest task is to get a true picture of industrial hemp opportunity for Tennessee farmers and manufacturers.

HIA 2013 DC Lobby Day!

Music by Hemp SeeDee

Bumper music by Smoky Tiger


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