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January 21th 2014
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Guest #1: Brian Owens, Brew Master, O’Fallon Brewery hemphoprye

We are a growing Micro Brewery in the St.Louis, MO area focused on making a wide variety of craft beer including one of our flagships…Hemp Hop & Rye: an amber ale with toasted hemp seeds. Here is a bit of the story from the O’Fallon site that tells of this great American brewed hemp beer! Tony (Caradonna) came into the brewery one day and mentioned hemp beer. It was something that he had been thinking about for a while, I think. He used to distribute a hemp beer back in the ’90′s and he sold quite a bit of it. I think that is what sparked his interest. I was a bit skeptical at first because the first thing that came to my mind, like many people, was marijuana. And then I did a little research. I quickly realized that Tony might really be on to something here. I loved the idea of getting behind the hemp movement and the more I learned the more excited I got, but I still didn’t know at the time how hemp could contribute to the flavor in beer, so we started playing around. I ordered in a few different varieties of hemp – toasted hemp seeds, salted hemp seeds and hemp seed cake. We quickly decided on the unsalted toasted hemp seeds for their great nutty flavor.

Guest #2 : Ben Broz, Legislative Liaison of Vote Hemp

congressman-thomas-massie-and-ben-drozVote Hemp is a national, single-issue, non-profit advocacy group founded in 2000 by members of the hemp industry to remove barriers to industrial hemp farming in the U.S. through education, legislation and advocacy. We work to build grassroots support for hemp through voter education, registration and mobilization, as well as defend against any new laws, regulations or policies that would prohibit or restrict hemp trade. Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, oilseed and fiber varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp has absolutely no use as a recreational drug.

Hemp News via Vote Hemp, The Hemp Industries Association and other hemp news outlets

  1.  Hemp Technologies – Offers DIY Hempcrete Sample Block kit!
  2. Steinbach, MB Southeastman Transition Iniative is hosting a screening of Bringing it Home Movie Come on out to Steinbach, MB on Jan 22nd 6:30pm start for a screening of Bringing It Home Movie, sponsored by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and Nutiva . I will be speaking before the screening! https://www.facebook.com/events/759211134093181/
  3. Hemp History 1948 Canadian published Dictionary of Terms Used in the Paper, Printing and Allied Industries by Gerard H. LaFontaine.
  4. Hearing about hemp | The La Junta Tribune-Democrat – La Junta, CO http://bit.ly/1mwfwiu
  5. Steven Sharpe, and activist from Michigan, lobbying with Ben Droz in Washington, DC last week. If you are ever in DC and want to set up a meeting on Capitol Hill to talk about hemp with your Representative or Senators please email Ben at Congress@votehemp.com and he will help you. You can learn more in “The Vote Hemp Guide to Hemp Activism” at http://votehemp.com/guide
  6. Why Does Hemp Have a Bad Rap? | Fox News Insider http://bit.ly/1fMWWC7 The graphic on this story is just plain wrong. Hemp and marijuana don’t come from the same plant, they come from different varieties of the same species, Cannabis. Marijuana is made from the flowers, usually seedless, and the upper leaves of high THC varieties of Cannabis. Hemp is made from the fiber and seed of low THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis. Marijuana and hemp are different because of their genetic makeup.Learn more at http://votehemp.com/different and http://votehemp.com/faqs#difference
  7. Investors keen on hemp farming | Cyprus Mail http://bit.ly/1auI5V6
  8. Colo. Farmers Prepare to Register for Hemp Licenses | KREX NewsChannel 5 http://bit.ly/1eZXqjm
  9. Hemp in rotation could help fight cyst nematode advocate says | AgriNews Publications http://bit.ly/1apsOoC
  10. Faurecia looks to supply hemp fibre compounds | European Plastics News http://bit.ly/K7CFZF
  11. URGENT: New Jersey Residents – Please Call Governor Christie Ask Him to Sign Hemp Bill S3110 / A2415 http://votehemp.com/alerts/vote_hemp_alert-20140117.html
  12. Proposal Aims to License Industrial Hemp Production – INside INdiana Business http://bit.ly/1aGfvnk
  13. Industrial hemp supporters still hope for state approval | AgriNews Publications http://bit.ly/1apsuWV
  14. New Jersey Legislature Passes Hemp Bill | The Daily Chronic http://bit.ly/L8yLjZ
  15. Unapproved hemp food products pulled from shelves | Stuff.co.nz http://bit.ly/1eUjZYN “If you can sell hemp oil in New Zealand . . . I can’t understand why, if you get it tested, you can’t sell hemp milk. If you take out all emotion, it’s a very, very healthy product.” said Lee Winklemann, compliance manager for Ceres Organics.
  16. Tennessee HIA Chapter Launches New State HIA Affiliate Program as Grassroots Coalition for Legalization of Industrial Hemp Gains Momentum | TNHemp.org http://bit.ly/1avAANI
  17. Canada’s legal hemp industry growing | CBC News http://bit.ly/1b7Cc0j
  18. Nice selection of Artisan Hemp cards! New selection of #hemp cards at Yes Organic Market Brookland, DC (12th st)  Help grow the hemp paper industry, one card at a time!
  19. HIA: We updated our Events page to include the second half of 2014. Please let us know if there are any events that you are exhibiting at, attending, or otherwise think we are missing. http://thehia.org/events
  20. Hemp Flax: Building with hempcrete is carbon negative, since there is more CO2 locked-up in the process of growing and harvesting of the hemp than is released in the production of the lime binder. Of course the equation is more complicated than that, but hempcrete is still amazing! 1563: Queen Elizabeth I decrees that land owners with 60 acres or more must grow hemp else face a £5 fine.
  21. Canada is investing in innovation that will help develop new bio-composites derived from hemp fibers: http://www.fibrecity.ca/index.html
  22. Learn more about in what areas industrial hemp is used today: http://hempflax.com/en/about-hempflax/industrial-hemp-today
  23. BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA(Marketwired – Jan. 17, 2014) - Naturally Splendid Enterprises (the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE:NSP) is pleased to announce an agreement with Purity Life Health Products LP “Purity Life” to distribute its NATERA™ superfood line across Canada.
  24. Thanks Nutiva for supporting the EcoFarm conference this week Jan. 22-23 who are great allies for sustainable agriculture, safe food and of course – Hemp! Nutiva is proud to sponsor the EcoFarm Conference, created by the The Ecological Farming Association. Their mission is to nurture healthy, just food systems and communities by bringing people together for education, alliance building, and celebration. More about the Jan 22-23 conference here: http://ecofarm2014.org/ #ecofarm #gatherandgrow #giveback
  25. Viral Internet meme says U.S. government predicted in 1916 that hemp would soon be dominant for making paper | PolitiFact http://bit.ly/1jarCLi
  26. Hemp Aide brought to you by the California State Grange and Hempstead Project Heart is February 22nd at the CrestTheatre in Sacramento. Tickets are on sale here: http://bit.ly/HempAide Invite your friends and spread the word – It’s time for farmers to once again grow hemp!  https://www.facebook.com/events/229691603879622/
  27. Farm Bill may be the best chance for legalizing industrial hemp production, proponents say | KYForward.com http://bit.ly/1bQhd65Hemp trials continue to go well in South Africa!
  28. We visited the Western Cape Hemp trial last week, and right in the middle of the field, a foot taller than all the other plants, stood this King and Queen (surrounded by a few princes and ladies-in-waiting), overseeing all the others, who, after 11 weeks, are around 5-6 foot tall, uniform and healthy. The males have dropped their pollen and seed is setting on this dual-use crop. We are about a month or so from harvest, and another step towards completing the 3 year trial and a commercial industry in South Africa.
  29. Hemp Agronomy Seminar Feb 11, 2014 12-1pmCST
iHempRadio on the Time 4 Hemp network
January 14th 2014
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