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January 7th 2014
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Guest #1 : Lawrence Serbin, President/Owner, Hemp Traders

Hemp Traders Image

Website URL: http://www.hemptraders.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HempTraders

Hemp Traders is the largest supplier of hemp fiber products in the USA. We supply hemp fabric, hemp twine, hemp rope, hemp clothing, hemp webbing and more. Our mission is to help the environment by bringing hemp back into the mainstream and supplying the best quality hemp products at the lowest possible prices. Hemp Traders is a proud member of the Hemp Industries Association.


Guest #2: Jeffery Von Stetten, Owner Jeff’s Best HempJeff's Best Image

Website URL: : www.jeffsbesthemp.com

Twitter: @JeffsBestHemp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeffsBestHemp

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JeffsBestHemp

Jeff’s Best Hemp provides raw vegan ultra pure hemp superfoods and bodycare products. Jeff’s Best Hemp! is packed in glass and is Xeno-Estrogen FREE! Healthy Fats, such as hemp, stored in plastics develop Xeno-Estrogens which mimic Estrogen in the human body putting the consumer at risk for a myriad of illnesses and very serious health issues. As a cancer survivor, Jeffery does not take the issue of Xeno-Estrogens, MTBE, or Bisphenol-A lightly and you shouldn’t either!

Jeff’s Best Hemp! is a compassionate company and contributes 3-5% profits from each bottle of Jeff’s Best Hemp! to the Susan G. Komen-Race for the Cure. A purchase of Jeff’s Best Hemp! is a purchase toward fighting Cancer. Jeffery hopes you enjoy, benefit, and celebrate the beauty of this mineral rich, gorgeous, and pure hemp products as much as he does!

Hemp News via VoteHemp

  1. Three-Time Grammy Award Winner and movie star Kris Kristofferson will perform a concert for Hemp Aide with the California State Grange on February 22 at The Crest Theatre at 1013 K Street, Sacramento. Poet/songwriter John Trudell and Bad Dog will open the show at 8:00pm. http://www.californiagrange.org/news/kristofferson.html
  2. It’s almost the new year and hemp supporters nationwide are gearing up for the 5th annual Hemp History Week, June 2-8, 2014. Be sure to join their mailing list for updates on opportunities to get involved year-round. It’s Time to Grow with Hemp History Week 2014! http://bit.ly/HHW_Newsletter
  3. 6 Superseeds You Should Be Eating | Reader’s Digest http://bit.ly/1emvk1F
  4. Did you know that when you donate $100 to Vote Hemp the good people at Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps will match your donation, ship you a soap sampler pack (which includes includes eleven assorted 16 oz. bottles of Dr. Bronner’s organic and fair trade hemp oil liquid castile soap plus a bottle of their hemp lotion), and Vote Hemp gets to keep 100% of the donation? You do now. Please make a donation at this level now to help us do the advocacy work that is necessary towards keeping the Polis hemp amendment in the final version of the Farm Bill. http://votehemp.com/contribute
  5. Supervisors to state: Declassify hemp as controlled substance | The Post-Star http://bit.ly/19EpWYb FORT EDWARD — Most Washington County, NY supervisors joined Dana Haff Friday in urging the state and federal governments to legalize industrial hemp, a measure the Hartford supervisor has been pushing for months. The county Board of Supervisors voted 11-4 in favor of the push for allowing industrial hemp to be grown on American soil, a move a growing number of states are making as the federal government has indicated it would ease restrictions and defer to states on the issue.
  6. Colorado adopts regulations for hemp farming | The Denver Post http://bit.ly/19NFtoc Hemp producers can begin registering with Colorado’s industrial hemp program starting on March 1st! http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/ag_Plants/CBON/1251644613180
  7. Managing Director Tony Budden, representing Hemporium SA at the Hemp Industries Association conference in Washington, DC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWmTL5qWIX4
  8. 11 named to Oregon hemp committee | Capital Press http://bit.ly/1j8PO4k Hemp Industries Association member Gerry Shapiro of Merry Hempsters has been named as one of the 11 members of Oregon’s hemp rules advisory group.
  9. Here’s what to get with your holiday money, a copy of Building with Hemp by Steve Allin. The 2nd edition is available for €30 from Seed Press with bulk discount on orders over 2 books at http://seedpress.ie/product/building-with-hemp/
  10. Hemp composites as new tractor parts | Eco-Composites http://bit.ly/JdJI1N
  11. Hemp Registration Program | Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets http://bit.ly/1eiN0zv The Vermont Hemp Registry is now accepting registration applications and fees for the 2014 growing season on a rolling basis. The registration form is available online at the Agency website for downloading and printing. Please be sure to read the FAQ page, too. Frequently Asked Questions – Vermont Hemp Registry Program | Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets http://bit.ly/1cMBOb7
  12. The TN House Bill HB1392 to legalize Industrial Hemp farming has just been filed by Rep. Faison. This bill would bring Tennessee in as a major national player in the industrial hemp market. We need your support now! CALL YOU REPS, tell them you want them to support it. From Tennessee Hemp Org 
  13. Budi bars feature  on Chronicle TV Wed 8th Jan – 7:30pm EST

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