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June 10, 2014 Guest
Guest 1: Joy Beckerman Maher, Founding President, WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association
Guest 2: Alex Abdalla, Founder, EVER Bar, LivityFoods
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Article: The Other Cannabis War in The Rolling Stone Online
Listen HERE for my June 8th interview on the Jim Fannon show guest also included  Riley Cote of Hemp Heals Music Festival
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Guest 1: Joy Beckerman Maher, Founding President, WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association Joy w Fiber 2

The Washington State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) officially formed on May 8th of this year after the conclusion of Washington’s frenzied 2014 legislative session wherein active members of the HIA from Washington participated and lobbied heavily with regard to four industrial hemp bills, none of which ultimately passed. There is a misconception that Washington enjoys a State-sanctioned hemp industry due to the fact that Washington has implemented a State-sanctioned marijuana industry. This counter-intuitive reality is a surprise to most Washingtonians and Americans.



While Washington HIA members made tremendous progress with legislators and policymakers during the 2014 legislative session, the hemp industry in Washington has not commenced and zero policies or infrastructure exist. The HIA and ACLU of WA also assert that Section 7606 of the [Federal] Farm Bill – which authorizes industrial hemp research in accordance with state law – applies to Washington; but Washington’s Department of Agriculture disagrees. The WA HIA has launched a state campaign to respectfully demand that Washington’s Department of Agriculture act upon the authority granted to it by Section 7606 of the Farm Bill, and promulgate simple rules (using Vermont as its model) for industrial hemp research and test plots.

In addition- Joy is the President of Hemp Ace International LLC  Industrial Hemp Building Materials,Textiles, Seed Oil, Seed Nutrition, Apparel & Consultation

Joy Beckerman Maher HHW 14 FB

Guest 2: Alex Abdalla, Founder EVER Bar, LivityFoods  EverBar Alex

Like EVER Bar

EverBarwseedsSince 2011, Livity Foods has been continuously developing earth-based hemp food products. Using nutritious and sustainable ingredients, we’re demonstrating how desirable, tasteful foods can be drawn from Nature. The newly released Ever Bar, handcrafted in Maryland, has ingredients that look like they did when they came from the earth; they are the bar’s source of sustenance as well as flavor and energy.



Food is an investment. What a person eats has both immediate and long-term results–it determines energy, mental clarity, length and quality of life. But the priorities of many companies in the food industry have compromised our diets and therefore our bodies. A company wants to minimize production costs, but we believe this must be considered only after choosing nutritious and sustainable ingredients. That’s why we use ingredients like hemp, a food directly from Nature that effectively helps fulfill bodily needs.


There are many means of making a living, but Livity Foods is built out of people who want not only want to succeed in life, but to create something that betters themselves and others. That entrepreneurial spirit leads us to desire a company which serves as a platform for new ideas; a company that functions as a venue for human development. Such a company aims for:

Respect and Mutuality–Working in an environment not based on social hierarchy or a one-way chain of command, but exchange and contribution. The company is structured, but open to participation by everyone involved. This, we believe, is conducive to a cohesive and multi-skilled work dynamic, but is also an end in itself, a desirable social model which embodies effective human cooperation.

Direct Interactions with Buyers--In its marketing and its members, Livity Foods communicates with transparency the nature of its products. We educate our buyers to make them aware of the importance of nutrition and of their power as consumers to heighten the market’s demand for better food.


Profit is an aim of any company, but it is not the sole aim. For Livity Foods the goals listed above are not secondary. A loss in profit is as undesirable as a failure to live by convictions. Our purpose is not profit at any cost, but production efficiency and profit maximization within standards–standards both external to the company (FDA regulations, laws, socially tasteful conventions) and internal: those that matter to us in our lives as individuals as well together as a company. The way we see it, this is part of a better life, where profit is only a tool.

Hemp In the News! Sourced from Vote Hemp, HIA and The Hemp Report

  1. What is the biggest misconception about industrial hemp? There are a lot of them. Check this out: http://votehemp.com/myths_facts.html #votehemp
  2. Hemp milk ranks high among plant-based milk products. Washington Post reports that sales are soaring! Read why. #votehemp
  3. CA – Attorney Gen. Kamala D. Harris, concludes “Federal law has authorized the California Industrial Hemp Act to the extent that it permits institutions of higher education and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to grow and cultivate industrial hemp, for the purposes of agricultural or academic research, in compliance with the federal definition of industrial hemp.”
  4. Really? >>> “During a speech to a law enforcement conference last January, Michele Leonhart, head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, reportedly said the lowest point of her 33-year career with the DEA came when a hemp flag flew over the Capitol last July 4.” Reason Magazine
  5. Thanks again to everyone who participated in #hempweek. Hemp History Week

    It’s a wrap! Hemp History Week was the biggest yet at over 300 grassroots events, tabling at local markets, Bringing It Home Movie screenings, restaurant events, retail promotions and generally championing an incredibly beneficial plant! Here are a few highlights from the week. Remember to tag @HempHistoryWeek when sharing your photos so we can showcase you’re great work too! Hats off to grassroots hempsters!

  6. We need your letters! Send us a letter for your Senator & we’ll deliver. It’s easy, see details here. #votehemp Happy post #HempWeek! Don’t forget to send in your letters to Senators so Vote Hemp can deliver them to Congressional offices!
  7. Portland State University‘s Ecomerge project recommends hemp & other natural fabrics to reduce toxins now known to cause cancer, skin allergies & more
  8. It’s lunchtime! Hemp seed is a food source that is making it’s way into everyday foods, like the all-American burger. But what if that burger were made entirely of nutritional seed sources, like hemp, and actually tasted great? When you votehemp.com/takeaction, you help make it possible for emerging entrepreneurs to bring hemp to market. #votehemp for fiber, fuel & FOOD to become a mainstream & everyday product. Watch this:
  9. “DEA is a bit of a lost rogue agency. They just don’t get it,” said Eric Steenstra, executive director of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a trade group that represents hundreds of hemp businesses. “They’ve been continuing to have a hard time accepting the new reality.” Kentucky.com
  10. “So what exactly is the difference between marijuana and hemp? Let’s start with semantics.” San Diego Free Press
  11. “The research projects being done will help answer questions about which type of hemp seeds grow best in which soil, what kind of invasive weeds impact the crop, what sort of fertilization is needed and what kind of equipment is needed to harvest hemp, Comer said.”Bowling Green Daily News
  12. “The Senate committee vote could go a long way in determining the power of states to implement their hemp plans…” The Seattle Times
  13. “Would-be hemp farmers are having mixed success navigating red tape on everything from seed acquisition to processing the finished plant.” U.S. News and World Report
  14. Thanks to Erin Schrode, co-founder of Teens Turning Green & the Conscious College Road Tour, for the dedication to educate students about sustainability & hemp. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5429551
  15. Maui, Hawaii celebrates Hemp History Week with Mayor Alan Arakawa’s Proclamation dedicating June 2-8 2014 as “Industrial Hemp History Week.” Hemp is our history & our future. This is a great example to be followed by other cities in hemp states across the nation. Visit ihempHI.com
  16. WI Libertarian Party secretary criticizes state Republicans who are missing a golden opportunity to bring hemp back to Wisconsin. http://ow.ly/xGfdD
  17. Listen to today’s June 5th historic Senate vote on the CJS Appropriations hemp amendment, sponsored by Senator Jeff Merkley & Senator Mitch McConnell. THANK YOU SUPPORTING SENATORS FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP. #hempweek
  18. Artists collaborated at New York Institute of Technology earlier this year. “Patricia Malarcher has sewn meandering ridges into hemp fabric, “stitch-shaping” gathers and folds (as in ancient methods of smocking cloth) and then dipped it in an encaustic wax medium.”
  19. “Cindy Sheaffer has dedicated her professional life to the restaurant business and the hemp business and her newest venture, Hemp Dog Cafe, is a merger of her two passions.” Richmond.com
  20. Omega-3′s noted for anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp seeds listed as healthy dietary option. | Collective Evolution
  21. What’s for dinner?! This lady brings hemp to the table… What A Vegan Eats shares Living Harvest Tempt hemp tofu along with tomato & okra quinoa. Eco-Vegan Gal #delicious
  22. “Kentucky’s burgeoning hemp industry may receive a shot in the arm later this year if the state changes a loan program for agricultural processors.” WKMS Murray State University NPR
  23. “Nebraska Hemp Industries Association (NEHIA) is now an affiliate organization of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a North American-based organization serving the constituents of the nation’s growing hemp industry.” The Independent
  24. “Marijuana’s square cousin, industrial hemp, has come out of the black market and is now legal for farmers to cultivate, opening up a new lucrative market. That was the idea, anyway.” Times Colonist
  25. “Industrial hemp advocates admit they’re still battling a stigma. Once dubbed a “hippie thing,” oils and fibers from the tall and leafy plant are commonly found in creams, foods and construction materials.” The Coloradoan
  26. Just discovered the Wisconsin Historical Society – Historical Images of Hemp
    Here is some Hemp History pictures from Wisconsin for your Hemp History Week
    “Pictures of women and men working hemp during WWII and ad selling hemp twine!
    A woman feeds hemp stalks into a crusher for rope production during World War II.
    Twine Promotion mascots, Homer Hemp, Susie Sisal, and Tillie Twine”
  27. Industrial hemp gets a champion » News » Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN http://ow.ly/xH9W1
  28. Check this out: Hemp and Lime combination is a winner #hempweek http://ow.ly/xG3sj
  29. HIA Board Member, Rob Jungmann, featured on Men’s Journal website discussing hemp clothing brand JUNGMAVEN. #hempweek  “The brand captures “the feeling of being a skater kid,” as Jungmann put it, while offering a touch of grown-up refinement. The other thing the brand offers? Some seriously tough threads.”
  30. Hemp seeds are sprouting! | Kentucky For Hemp http://bit.ly/UoyWMG
  31. A Hemp in History Moment, brought to you by the producers of Bringing It Home Movie.
  32. Gone Hemp: For great nutrition and taste, hemp seed to the rescue | The Cannabist http://bit.ly/ScU3zW
  33. Uncertainty dominates new hemp market as farmers struggled to get seeds from abroad | Associated Press | Calgary Herald http://bit.ly/1kPY35KHugh Lakeland, a mechanic and service station owner by trade looks over some of his 10 acres of commercial hemp. Lakeland was one of the first to obtain a license to cultivate hemp in B.C. from Health Canada. Photo credit: Don MacKinnon, The Vancouver Sun

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